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Historic Democrat Foreign Policy Incompetency Part II - Presidents Carter, Clinton, and Obama


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The Russians smelled weakness when President Carter talked about pulling troops out of South Korea. Carter signed away the Panama Canal during his presidency. Today, a Chinese company controls both ends of that Canal; Hutchison Whampoa Ltd. , is a company associated with the Chinese Army.

Both the U. S. Military and the CIA saw serious cuts under the Carter Administration.

Losing Iran was one of his biggest blunders. President Carter withdrew U. S. support for Iran, allowing its pro Western government to fall. Iran's army hemorrhaged quality members; and the Iranian government was in disarray. Saddam saw an opportunity to settle long term disputes-assuming that Iraq would have the upper hand.

This resulted in the Iran Iraq War.

The new Iranian government supported terrorists in Lebanon; this included the terrorists that bombed the Marine barracks there. Today, we're dealing with an Iran supporting terrorism in Lebanon, Israel and Iraq. Iran later forged full steam ahead with its nuclear ambition.

Enter President Clinton. Important missile related technology got transferred to the Chinese under his administration.

President Clinton lifted certain restrictions so that Hughes Space and Communications could export technology to China. In exchange for Clinton's lifting these restrictions, Hughes’ CEO continued to provide donations to the Democratic Party.

Prior to these transfers, Chinese missiles were unreliable, and prone to detonate shortly after launch. After these transfers, Chinese missiles were capable of striking a U. S. city with accuracy.

Spinoffs from missile technology can be transferred to the space program.

We're talking precision and guidance systems that could guide a missile to its target, or guide a lunar lander to the moon's surface. With the U. S. space program having setbacks, there's a real possibility that the Chinese could land a manned expedition on the moon before the U. S. returns there.

Should this happen, they'll be ahead of the United States when it comes to lunar exploration; and with operating a lunar base.

During his campaign, Barrack Obama argued that he'd reduce nuclear weapons, won't weaponize space, and that he'd cut missile defense. Both the Chinese and Russians are developing military and commercial space technology. Both countries are working hard to be able to eliminate our space advantage. They know that if they do that, they'll have a strategic upper hand over us. Obama's plans calls for us to stand in place while our strategic opponents blast right past us with weaponizing space.

Travis is a freelance writer that specializes in information market, political writing, fundraising and communications.


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