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Government Bailout Review - That is All We Need, More Government Power

John Fagan Jr.

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How will the bailout affect you?

It's been a hot topic of conversation the past weeks about the government's bailout plan for financial companies. Almost everyone is asking, how will this affect me? The bailout plan involves the government spending around $700 billion dollars (that is 700,000 million WOW) to bring home values up and restore consumer's confidence in banks. The governments goal is to bring some stability back to the real estate market and the economy as a whole. The plan is designed to bring reassurance to everyone that IF this plan works it should increase asset values in homes. The government will borrow the money to pay for the bailout which means the bad decisions of the banks will ultimately fall on the taxpayer. This bailout will cost every tax paying person around $2,300.

What are many affected people doing today?

With the economy in the situation that it is, many people are going to the internet looking for a second source of income so they can pay their bills. There are lots of opportunities all over the internet that is creating that income that is being lost in the real estate business as well as the local store owners that just can not keep up with the large retail chains. The lost income from people not spending and being laid off from their jobs is hurting and this economic bailout will end up costing you thousands as the BIG guys get out of financial trouble.

In conclusion the government bailout will end up costing the tax payer more than two thousand dollars each and keep the big guys in business. It may help the realestate go up which will also create those that have to pay property tax pay more each year because of the bailout that is supposed to make property value go up. With the government taking ownership of some US banks it just shows how much more power the government wants over your money.

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US Government Records Review
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