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Credit Crunch

Kimberly Bishop

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OK, I have to ask. What is really going on? The bailout bill, the meeting at the white house with the president and the candidates, and what is up with John McCain canceling his campaign only to “show up" for the debate in Oxford, MS anyway? He's not even on the Senate Finance Committee. All he can do is vote when the bill is presented to the entire Senate. So to me there is no point to canceling everything until the bill is ready to be voted on, unless there are motives we do not know about.

Did you know that experts are expecting 2 million foreclosures in the next year? Two million. Maybe more of us could pay off our personal debts if credit card interest rates weren't so high. There are some companies that charge 28%. My fear is that they'll call for these debts to be paid by the little guy long before the corporations have to pay off their debt.

About a year ago a friend of mine came up with the idea that those in office would find a way to cancel or postpone the election, and it would either be a fabricated terrorist attack or an economic crisis. Hmmm. She mused.

It's bad enough that the tax payers, me and you, are going to have to pay higher taxes in the future, and get less on our savings and investments. What do you that are really going to do to the economy and the small business person?

I don't think we are seeing the whole picture. This could be a very clever rouse. Maybe I am just being paranoid, but I find it very interesting that this is happening less than two months before the election.

This is nothing like the finical crisis in 1929. For one thing, Hoover and FDR did not bail out the big financial giants; they did not reward them for lining their pockets and crashing the economy.

When it was all over, FDR created jobs and put people to work, but it took 4 years to make that happen, and before that there were many people that lost everything, and many more that came close.

There were a lot of bills passed in 1932 and 33 that put banking regulations and oversight committees in place. All deregulation has done is make a few people rich, while heaping more taxes on the little guy.

What I see is very savvy political rouse set up to reward the thieves and punish the rest of us. We have not lost everything yet, but it is not over.

Kimberly Bishop is in Network Marketing, and is on “fire" for the candle business. she likes poetry, music, and the arts. she can be found at

To learn more about her, read her blog.


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