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Some of John McCain's Lies

Johnny Moon

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Please note that the title of this article is some of John McCain's lies. I'm only going to be listing some of John McCain's lies and I'm only going to be listing the lies he's told during this general election campaign. I could never list all of his lies, it would probably be easier to list all of the things he's telling the truth about.

The following collection of McCain lies are both from his own words and from his advertisements (which have set a new low for dishonesty in political ads. )

Some Of John McCain's Lies

1. McCain has claimed that Barack Obama is against the use of nuclear power. This is not true.

2. McCain has released an ad which claims that Obama will raise taxes on electricity & on heating oil. This is not true. In fact Obama has proposed a $1000 per family rebate for oil heating costs.

3. McCain has claimed that his VP nominee Sarah Palin is “in charge of 20 percent of America's energy supply. " This is not true. Alaska does not supply 20% of America's energy supply, it actually only supplies 3 and a half percent.

4. McCain has claimed that Palin is the most knowledgeable person in America on the issue of energy. This is a ridiculous claim with absolutely no facts to back it up.

5. McCain has claimed that Palin never received any earmarks as Governor of Alaska. This is not true. Alaska has received more earmarks per capita than any other state in the nation during Palin's time as Governor.

6. McCain (and his advertisements) have claimed that Palin was against the so called “Bridge to Nowhere" but the fact is Palin was for the bridge before she was against it and although the project was eventually stopped (by congress, not by her) she still accepted the over $200 million for Alaska.

7. McCain's ad on the sex education bill in Illinois that Obama voted for (but which he did not sponsor and which actually never became law) is wildly misleading (ie: full of lies. ) The bill was intended to help children be aware of “bad touch. " In other words the bill was an anti-sexual predator bill and the McCain ad made it look like something else entirely.

8. McCain has repeatedly distorted Obama's tax plan. Obama's tax plan will cut taxes for everyone earning less than $250,000 but McCain (and his advertisements) say that Obama will “raise your taxes. " That's not true unless you are rich or a corporation. The fact is that Obama is cutting taxes for the middle class far more than McCain is. Most of McCain's tax cuts go to the wealthy & to corporations.

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John McCain's Energy Plan
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