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Presidential Debate, Rebate, Election And Change

Jimmy Wilson

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It's bottom of the ninth inning and we have only a few days left to decide, what we as Americans can do, from our voting positions to affect our short term future, economically and socially.

We have two choices and the two parties have picked their representatives from which we get to choose, who will lead us “into or out of" for the next four years. On the Republican side, we have John McCain, an old war hero/POW that has 26 years as a United States Senator, who has chosen Sarah Palin, an attractive 44 year old female running mate, that has just given birth five months ago to her fifth child, and hails as the Governor from the state of Alaska.

The Democratic Party has chosen Barack Obama, a young U. S. Senator from Illinois that is a highly educated, middle aged man of color, as their party's leader and he in turn, has chosen a veteran U. S. Senator, Joe Biden, from the state of Delaware to be his running mate.

In order to make the best choice of which party leaders we should elect, it's worth looking at the obvious factors first. The U. S. economy is at it's frailest point in the past 80 years and who we support as our next President of the United States has got to make some drastic changes, to re-direct our economic and domestic lifestyles, we have come to treasure as Americans.

The war in Iraq has reached a point of not being televised on a daily basis anymore and we don't know when we will see our troops come home. The Republican leaders are all for staying longer to see it through, through to what? If the people of Iraq can't or won't protect themselves from this point, when will they? The Democratic Leaders are saying let's set a date and come home, sounds like an exist strategy to me? It's not about how long we stay, it's what will the Iraqi people do, once we're gone? I would suggest that we explain that it's their country, protect it or lose it. If we have to come back we will, but not by setting foot on your land. If you can't stop the evil elements that want to dominate you, we will deal with it once and for all. Enjoy and protect your freedom, goodbye!

Another odd fact about this war, is we have fought in a country full of oil and yet that country has not offered to pay us for our service with a single drop of oil? At the same time, we have experienced a tripling of domestic oil price increases since we began fighting for Iraq? Bad business deal there!

Our current American lifestyle has seen the greatest mortgage foreclosures, fuel cost increases, and healthcare costs become unobtainable in the past eight years, more so, than in any time in the past 80 years. Think old George Jr. and the boys will have any trouble down in Texas once he retires? I don't think so. Want some more of the same for the next four years? I don't think so. Ready for a change? Could it get any worse than you have it now? That depends on how you vote.

Let's realize, that the way the western world and we as Americans think and live are not transferable or impressionable unless we are either invited or are willing to take drastic action to correct a wrong. People who live in other countries can either defend themselves or if need be, ask for our help. Once asked, we can consider how we can assist them. We've got countries that ask all the time, but if they can't offer us anything of value we ignore their requests. It's sad but true. So, what has Iraq, Vietnam, Korea, or any other country we've tried to force our help on, given us? Our leaders should be more interested in our own economy and social life than anything else. If we can, and we can, be more self sufficient, other countries will beg us to come to them. That's how to solve the world's problems, not by intruding where we weren't asked to be and try to impose our logic on them.

The choice should be clear, that it's better to help those in our own country, that aren't even willing to help themselves, than to help other countries that aren't willing to help themselves. If we flourish economically and socially, we have created a magnetic environment that will have others wanting to know how we do that. The greed that has been created in this country has been fueled from lawmakers that cater only to the wealthiest, long enough. The economic balance has been lost and the scales are pointing to only one solution. Get the America that we love, back, to where it should be, at home, and stop the corporate greed. Let those who want us to help them, make us an offer in exchange for our services. The world understands business and economics, it doesn't understand forced opinions.

As for the corporate greed factor in our country, would you rather a candidate that has 12 houses and a wife that wears $300,000 outfits be your next president, or a person that has 1 house and a family that is still young and hopeful of a better tomorrow. Please exercise your right to vote and choose from your heart and wallet, and not from a party loyalty standpoint. Don't let your prejudices overpower your good judgment.

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