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What the Choice of Sarah Palin Says About John McCain

Johnny Moon

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Country Last

With the choice of Sarah Palin, John McCain proved that he does not put his “country first. " The #1 criteria for choosing a Vice President should be able to move into the role of the Presidency at a moment's notice. With McCain's age and his health issues that criteria is even more important with this choice. Palin is clearly not qualified to be President, if Palin is qualified to be President then so are about a million other Americans. That's how low they've set the bar. Being the mayor of a town of 5,000 people with virtually no responsibilities is just not impresssive, no matter how many times they say “executive experience" anyone with any sense knows it's bull.

This choice shows that McCain puts politics before his country. He made this choice to appeal to the social conservatives that make up the base of the Republican party and as a cynical appeal to Hillary Clinton voters, not because he thought that Palin would be a good President if McCain cannot complete his term.

Not A Maverick

The McCain campaign has tried to spin this selection as proof that McCain is a “maverick" but it actually proves the opposite. McCain wanted to select Joe Lieberman as his VP but the social conservative base of the GOP made clear they would not let that happen without a convention floor fight. He was pushed into selecting Palin by those same social conservatives. This means that the pick doesn't prove McCain is a maverick, instead it means he's a pawn of the same voting block that got George W. Bush elected twice.

Poor Judgment

It's becoming more and more clear that the McCain campaign did not do a complete vetting job on Sarah Palin. The choice was apparently made late Thursday night (perhaps even after Barack Obama's incredible speech. ) It was a reactionary choice, not one made with careful deliberation like Obama's choice of Joe Biden.

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