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Will McCain Or Obama Be Better Than President Bush? Would Hillary Have Been Better?

John T Jones, Ph.D.

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President Bush has very low ratings. Some of the things that have hurt him are:

1. Two “short wars" that have lasted too long.

2. A shattered economy due to the value of the American dollar which is now worth less than the Canadian Dollar, the Euro, and many other currencies. Some Mexicans are staying home.

3. A Vice President who some believe to be a corrupt, greedy and evil man who held a secret meeting on public matters with oil giants that have continually increased the cost of gasoline, fuel oil and diesel fuel.

4. Bin Laden is sipping lemonade in Mecca or Medina while we futilely chase him through high, unfriendly mountains.

The fact that President Bush stumbles with English grammar and often says what he does not mean is not a problem. The American people elected him twice. The allegation that the Iraq war was to grab oil has not hurt the President either.

Will the next president do any better?

The best candidate offered by either party was Hillary Clinton. She had two strikes against her, Bill Clinton who clobbered her campaign and the fact that she is a women, something she could do nothing about. But her experience in some ways makes that of McCain and Obama pale. She took an active part in government while her husband was president and is prominent in the United States Senate, but moreover, she slept with the President for eight years and knows how he developed what many American consider a stable government; a government under which Americans prospered. But, some Americans don't trust Hillary or Bill Clinton.

McCain has been around for a long time. He is in his seventies. No president has ever been elected at that age. Only Reagan served as President into his seventies. that is a factor to some people despite the fact that age seventy is no longer all that old. Medical attention has improved over the decades and the president is always near emergency medical care.

McCain is a war hero. Recently, General Clark said the fact that McCain was shot down did not prepare him for the presidency. Well, sitting for over five years in the Hanoi Hilton gave him time to think about what it means to be an American and he showed his endurance under tough conditions. I think they are two qualities needed by every president.

McCain has served in the United States Senate for many years. He knows the ropes of government. Some say that he has no leadership experience. I say, Bull! You can not serve in the Senate for that long and not have the potential for leadership. Leadership is meeting with people, discussing problems and then coming up with the best solution. I believe that McCain would be open, that there would not be a secret government within our government. I believe that McCain would be an Eisenhower-type president without the golf and fishing.

Would Obama be another Kennedy, even a Lincoln? He does have a way with words.

I don't think so. He is black and many Americans will continue to hold that against him, even in high places. He has a tinge of superiority which some people don't like. Some don't trust him because he hasn't been too careful about recognizing other people's words in his orations. Kennedy was a war hero. Lincoln was known for his absolute honesty. Obama has a hard time in both areas.

The thing about Obama is his natural leadership. He will organize to get his facts in order by bringing in “the experts" (So will McCain. ) before he makes a decision. If he is lucky, solutions will be generated that actually help the American people. Any failures will be blasted by the press and he will be a one-term president. He will not be Truman. He will always be the politician. But that State of the Union Address-WOW!

So who do you think would be best, the cautious, touchy McCain or the flamboyant, wordy Obama?

Well, you get to decide!

Fly Old Glory!

John T. Jones, Ph. D. (, a retired college professor and business executive, Former editor of an international engineering magazine. To learn more about Wealthy Affiliate University go to his info site. If you desire a flagpole to Fly Old Glory, go to the business site.

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Hillary Clinton for President - Not An Easy Ride
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