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Keith Olbermann Objective Commentator Or Vile Partisan?


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Keith Olbermann, talking head of the weeknight MSNBC program COUNTDOWN is a controversial figure - perhaps a gross understatement. Is he an unbiased observer of the news or actually a vile proponent of the most far left positions in today's media while masquerading as an objective television observer of our nation and its politics?

Any long-time viewer of his nightly program will concede that his vociferous spewing of anti-Bush and anti-anything conservative venom - or even moderate - is tantamount to his biased and obvious far-left leaning positions that it is unnecessary to even debate his stand on most all issues. He tilts so far left he is usually in danger of toppling over.

Where did he come from and what led to his obvious hatred of most anything American, especially conservative American. What led him to his obnoxious and hate-filled narratives on his nightly programs? What background scarring has resulted in his outward disdain for anything Republican in this country? Dr. Phil, where are you when we need you?

He regales in any failure perceived as Republican-based. He ends every nightly program with the countdown of the number of days President Bush proclaimed victory in Iraq. (Note: GW never proclaimed that in the way Olbermann would lead you to believe. ) “This is the xxxx day since President Bush proclaimed ‘Mission Accomplished!'" At times his vile ranting against the President could be considered border line treasonous - and would be if he lived nearly anywhere else.

He nightly awards such people he declares in a segment ‘Worst Person in The World’. He has featured such notables as President Bush (any number of times), Rush Limbaugh, Oliver North, and, almost nightly, O'Reilly, his arch nemesis whom he disdains to a point of being ridiculous in his pursuit of anything negative about that individual.

His reporting of almost any news of a positive nature, if in fact he allows it at all on his show, is done begrudgingly. Olbermann would rather wallow in despair and negativism than compliment anyone or proclaim anything positive. Olbermann is a gloom and doom cheer leader who would rather deal in the bad news of the day than recognize a sliver of good news. “Seldom is heard and encouraging word. . . " - if I may slightly modify an old popular song - on his nightly broadcast. He depresses me.

There is absolutely no civility in his discourse. And look for it to be worse now that his ‘boss’ at NBC is dead. It is truly wondrous that he is not reigned in by that network.

Olbermann has had his detractors. Among them have been Geraldo Rivera, Bill O'Relly, and others who have pointed out his bias on numerous occasions only to be subjected to pointed and unfair attacks.

His nearly nightly guests - more like ‘fellow travelers’ - include Rachel Maddow, the modern day combination of a Bella Abzug, Gloria Steinem, and Joan Biaz. Dana Milbank, a Washington Post lackey, is another fellow traveler of Olbermann. There are numbers of others who appear with some regularity and who are equally biased and leftist in their outlook on America though none as sour as Keith. Keith regales in their company as they bash America and any goodness to be found in our culture, lifestyle, and especially conservative politics. He and his leftist cronies have no boundaries apparently.

Olbermann has several obsessions his latest being the Terror Watch List and Iraq and, of course, President Bush for whom he has carried a passionate and unveiled disdain for the duration of the President's two terms and probably will long after GW has retired to his ranch in Crawford. His unmasked hatred of the President is nearly omnipresent in his near nightly views of the White House.

There's meanness to his diatribes - a vile undercurrent of hatred - which he is privileged to purvey on national television; in fact, he is paid an ungodly amount of money to do so.

Olbermann's ratings are not high on the charts although the primary season gave him somewhat of a boost. He has a ways to go to catch his arch nemesis, O'Reilly.

I have a recipe for Olbermann if he is to improve his dismal ratings, become more acceptable to viewers, and appear at least marginally credible in his nightly broadcast: First, drop the anger. Geez, you look as if everyday has been a bad one! Smile - and not that ‘Snidely Whiplash’ smile you sometimes effect. Second, start with a large dose of civility, mix in a scoop of humbleness, and bake until objective. And third, find something positive to say, at least occasionally, about our country. You should be thankful you are privileged to live here and have the opportunities you do.

Olbermann was apparently unaffected by the shining example set by his superior and recently deceased leader at his network, Tim Russert. Even when alive, I often wondered why Russert suffered the ignorant and bombastic manner of Olbermann without some chastising. Perhaps behind the scenes? Russert set the bar high in political reporting/commentary; Olbermann has come nowhere near getting over it and is an embarrassment to his kind.

Keith Olbermann should get on his knees everyday and thank God for being a United States citizen where he can say nearly anything - and does - and not be arrested and flogged for doing so.

Major Dennis Copson is retired from The United States Marines and is a resident of Oceanside, CA where he is the Director of Sales and Marketing for Nature's Big Bud Worm Castings, Inc. He is also a freelance writer. More info is available on his website


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