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New Hope For the Slow Learner

Melvin Polatnick

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The American population is made up of over 40 million people that unfortunately have an IQ between 70 and 85, they are called slow learners, it is a term that is used for those with a low mental ability. Rarely do they have the skills to be successful in school or in general society. Most of them become school dropouts and later have major social problems. Due to today's greater demand on mental efficiency this group is having an almost impossible challenge to overcome. If America is to maintain its image as being the most humane society we have to be able to make life more comfortable for those without normal mental abilities. Life skills coaching combined with easily accessed welfare payments at this moment seems to be the only way to deal with this problem. But that isn't the solution because slow learners are still creating social problems and causing injuries to themselves and others.

Work on a small farm can be taught to any person that is willing to learn. It does not require more than an elementary education. The work is routine and even a slow learner could master it with little instruction. A farm worker does not need to depend on the government to survive. Housing and food is always available on a farm. Small farm work would be the perfect job for a person who has major social problems in an urban environment.

The creation of a few million small farms that were privately owned will give the slow learner a chance to become an independent and happy person. It would be a great humanitarian achievement. No longer would there be a need for government welfare checks for the confused and disfranchised. The prisons would be emptied, welfare mothers and illegal drug abusers would be given a chance to start a new and healthy life. With a great way of living the towns around the farms would have recreation and shopping areas that would be alive with workers on a well deserved break. There is no doubt that the quality of life in the whole nation would be greatly improved.

This dream can become a reality if the small farms would be given a chance to become profitable. At the present moment government handouts to the environmentally damaging giant farms have destroyed profit opportunities for the small farmer. Without those handouts and special trade advantages the Mega-Farms would be out of business. They would be quickly replaced by millions of small farms. Farm products will then be of a higher quality and the natural health of our environment would be restored. All this will happen as soon as more people realize the urgent need for returning the small farm to the nation.


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