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Let them Eat Cake

Charlotte Fairchild

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Recently I was indirectly quoted by a minister in Moultrie, GA as being disrespectful because I called him on the phone and did not praise his article more than once. Since he mentioned kudzu, there was much more he could learn about, starting with how 180,000 sites are available for kudzu recipes. This is important for hungry people to know, that kudzu is edible.

I told him I was available and would speak for donations at his church and this might have offended him. But then he has a salary. He ended his article about ordained women and the scripture in the Bible showing women doing work similar to his profession, as well as women being able to prophecy. He totally missed that he spoke to a prophet about kudzu. The Great Depression was not 100 years ago, and the famines in this world are still happening.

Every available healthy food source is important to know. I am an ordained woman with the same degree he has, a Master of Divinity. In his article he compared me to Bubba, Forest Gump's friend and said I did not show respect for him because I only praised him once for his article. Where I come from, he is speaking “lip service" about ordained ministry and then not using a woman in his pulpit, and not listening to an ordained woman speak about a free food that can help hungry people.

His church may not have a food pantry, but to ignore a fresh food source that is free when there are a growing number of hungry people in the US is similar to, “Let them eat cake. " Can you imagine years without fresh greens? Can you imagine canned foods and peanut butter and old bread as your survival food while you pass a garden of spinach or lettuce? That is what happens when people walk by kudzu. They pass by a plant just as nutritious as spinach, and fresher because it is still on the vine. It isn't fertilized or poisoned, and it is fresher than greens in the store, so if people knew it was edible, they could survive better. This minister is not alone in his tunnel vision. Are you with him? I am sitting by the phone waiting for his invitation to preach.

(c) 2008 Charlotte Fairchild

Author Bio: Born in Bethesda Naval Hospital, Charlotte Fairchild traveled as a Navy child, and was ordained in 1987 at FBC Milledgeville, GA. She served as a chaplain for 11 years, 7 of which were in a volunteer capacity, including at Emory Parkway Medical Center on 9/11. It was closed 5 months after 9/11, and demolished within two years. She is a writer and speaker of kudzu, fertility, roses, and has preached at a Southern Baptist church once, United Methodist Churches 15 times, Lutheran and Presbyterian churches once each. Fertile Prayers is her first published book. Kudzu Kwestions will help find her several blogs. Fertility and miscarriage are part of her ministries.

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