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The Dollar's Value

Glen P Jon

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What has happened to the dollar? I don't smoke cigarettes any more at fifty cents a pack. After listening to the radio, I find cigarettes today cost approximately $4 per pack. Water is costing over a dollar per bottle. No longer can I get a piece of candy for a nickel or a telephone call for a dime. When did this happen? Was it when we could not get free labor any longer? I won't even discuss the ending of slavery and apartheid but, Do you think these things have effected the “dollar?"

Apparently there are more than two factors causing a so-called recession. The first thing that comes to my mind is that the so-called officials don't identify with anything remotely defined as today's recession. The unspeakable feel comfortable with the way wealth is distributed and love to keep issues remaining unspeakable.

"What does a poor boy do but join in rock and roll band?" He writes articles so that others may become enlightened and get a better search engine rank. The incredible thing about this topic is that it was considered thousands of years ago. There where actually people called prophets and they blogged. Well, it wasn't actually a blog but they did make records for sure. The best thing I can say about the future of the dollar is to read scripture or ancient writings. I'm not religious per say, however, I do believe in archeology and math. In other words. If you count from one to ten, no matter what you do, there are nine different numbers before the last number. You can try to say that the number six or seven does not exist and you can even try to destroy all documentation revealing such, The previous sentence reads ridiculous as it is, but that's in my opinion exactly what we're experiencing these days.

The dollar is changing rapidly. Gold truly deserves consideration.

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Dollar Sign - Where is it From?
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