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We Should Stay In Iraq For The Whole Course

Sam Staffen

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When it comes to pulling out of Iraq because we did not find weapons of mass destruction I have to disagree. The fact of the matter is that regardless of weapons of mass destruction, Americans and several other countries realize how crazy quite a few of the people of that region really are. I have had many discussions about the matter. When I explain some things people wind up realizing why we almost have to stay there.

I start by telling people to go back to the beginning. When you go back to 911 and take it to now, then sum it up in a more simple manner, you may come up with a completely different outlook on the entire issue. I have a synopsis that no one has said publicly for whatever reason. The press could say it but has not. The president will not go where I am for political reasons. But no one else in the world may have thought of this scenario other than me, who knows.

I will start from the beginning. The first thing that happened was terrorists flew planes into targeted buildings in the United States. Then Osama Bin Laden claimed responsibility for the entire operation. Then we Americans got mad and George Bush ordered troops to attack Afghanistan. We attacked Afghanistan because that was where Osama was alleged to be hiding.

We won that war and took over Afghanistan. We won the war extremely quick. Very few of our soldiers died in the war in Afghanistan. Once we had won the land we told the soldiers to stop the offensive and began police action. We then helped the country to institute their own government and democratic society. (Side note: We captured Johnny Walker and accused him of being a traitor. Anyone realize how the United States started as country?)

We then catch wind that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction. We send our soldiers over there and began our war on Iraq. It did not take us long and we had taken that entire country. It seemed to me, watching on T. V. , that it took longer to cross the desert than to actually win the war. We again lost very few soldiers. We again told our soldiers to cease the killing and begin police action. We then helped Iraq form their very own democracy. We even located and captured their leader. We then helped in the assassination of Saddam Hussein.

Simply putting it we did what we wanted to who wanted when we wanted and with great ease and limited loss of soldiers lives. We then told our soldiers in both countries to begin police action. And that is what they all did. Then the U. S. soldiers became sitting ducks for suicides and other attacks. We have lost more soldiers in police action than we did in combat. That is a major reason why some people want us to pull out. The government is taking major heat from the people realizing the soldiers are dying while in police action. It brings back memories of past police actions.

The United States armed forces could have exterminated the entire population of both countries. All we had to do was tell our servicemen to continue killing. But we did not and we will never proceed in this manner. If America wished we could possibly exterminate the entire Middle East. But we do not want to. We want to get along but we don't want them hijacking planes either.

Why do they continue to see us as the enemy even after we gave them back their country? What they wanted Saddam to continue his reign? That leaves one thing, they are not right in the head. They can not even realize that they are out of line. That is how lost they seem as a whole. The sane ones do not really try to help stop this insanity because they are outnumbered.

It is also said that we have not made any progress while it is so obvious we have. In case anybody has not realized, they have basically ran out of people to carry out suicide missions. That alone can be counted as progress. We have eliminated the vast majority of the craziest of citizens. It cost many American soldiers lives, but that is progress. They have resorted to many other types of attacks that the attacker gives himself up to the authorities to be punished by law. That should be put down as progress when you consider the attacker shows a will to live.

Meanwhile all countries with major media sources have allowed their citizens to watch what has happened. Do you actually think that the common people of all those countries actually think that the vast majority in the middle east is sane and civilized. The other countries that do not have the tools to read or see on t. v. are relent on word of mouth. I wonder what they think?

Quite simply the sane people are outnumbered by a bunch of barbarians who seem to have no idea what they are actually trying to accomplish. Do you know what they are trying to send as a message other than they believe that this is the Jihad. The people causing the most of these problems have not been able to relay what they are actually upset about. Do you know what they are upset about? That is why we have to stay.

I am from Michigan and Deorborn Michigan is one of the most Muslim populated cities in America, if not the most populated Muslim society in America. I have taken time to talk to former residents of Iraq to get their opinions. They tell me quite convincing that will never go back to the middle east to live after moving to America. The average former resident in the middle east estimates that they were only in America for a day or two when they realized how relaxed the people are.

They say that they were told of the many conflicts within America like with the whites and the blacks before coming to America. Then they generally say things, to the effect, that if that is a conflict, then there really is no major conflict in America. They explain by comparison to the Middle East. I asked them about culture shock and they reply things like there is no culture shock. They also explain that the only shock is how you can actually walk down the streets and not have to look over your shoulder.

There is a former resident of Iraq that co-owns a gas station that I frequent. He lived in Baghdad until he was 19 and has since lived in Michigan. I asked him if he had to choose between living in Iraq, before the war, and America now, which one would he pick. He started laughing and said here. He explained his laughter to me when he got done. He said that when Saddam was in charge everyone was in line. There were no troubles. Nobody talked bad about Saddam because you would be violently killed. He said it is way better here because you can voice your opinion.

Recently Mega Millions winning jackpot had grown to quite a large sum. The news stations were asking people what they would do if they won. An obvious Mid Easterner of descent said that she would go over there and get all her family and bring them back here. Wow! So much for the old theory of they are over here trying to make money to take back over there.

Many of the Middle Easterners in the Detroit metro areas people are second generation already. They threw large celebrations, with virtually no prior promotions, when we won the war in Iraq. Several former residents of Iraq have been asking the US government officials to do something over there. These same Iraqi-Americans believe we should stay until everything meshes. And so do I. But hey I'm nobody.

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Iraq, Death Row
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