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Why I Write These Articles


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I write these articles in the hopes that more people will come to understand that change is needed for all people and our government. I hope to bring voice for the equality to all our people. I have to write articles I hope touch peoples hearts. There problems are not just the poor people this is the basic problem that all people should work together to change. I hope that I can bring about a voice base that will be there to reach out for all peoples problems. I think that these articles speak to a way of life that all people should want for our country.

I write these articles to let people of all races and religion that our nation should come together for the greater good and growth of our nation. I write these articles in the hopes that every person will realize that this nation is bound together with the blood of all the families that have sent a child to war. I believe that every person has a responsibility to all our people. I know that our nation is made up of so many different races of people. These people have all lost some family member a war now past wars his should bind all our people by blood ties.

I write these articles with the belief that all people need the basics for a better life. All our people should have the same belief. I believe that most people in our country think the same as I do that our country needs programs to make sure that no person ever goes hunger in our country. I hope that these articles will bring support and final change in out country on the needs for health care and quality medical care for all our people.

I am writing these articles let people in our country know that all our people are Gods children. That I believe that in better life and true committed democracy for all our people. Our government has let these problems go for so long. I believe that as one people our great nation can put these problems in the past if we all work as one democratic nation. I am writing these articles with the great future I see for all our people. I see this nation and all our people showing the rest of this world that democracy really is for the rich the poor and every single American.

I see people defending certain problems that different races face that I hope that these articles will show people our nation needs to work for all people. I refuse to think of this nation as a bunch of races that just live in the same nation. I would like for these articles to make people aware that all people have died defending our nation that alone should bind our people and nation together. President Lincoln said it right our people are bound together by the blood that was spilled to bring a nation together.

I write to let people know that a nation where every single person counts this is the right of all our people no matter what race religion or *** preference. The point is our nation is a country that has ties from every family has served our great nation in times of war. I believe that we all have to work together to make this nation stand now and in the future.

I write with the hopes that people in our nation will love this country and our people enough to work as a family for change that brings a better life for all people. I believe that if a person love their country that person should stand up for all our people. I believe that if a person is going to preach the word of God it has to be the words of peace and love for all his children. I believe that God brought our nation together to show the rest of our world that all are his children and need to be treated that way.

I write articles on religion to tell all people that no killing is in the name of God. I believe that Gods words are very simple for all his children. We are all gods children no matter who we are or where we are from. God wants for his children to love each other as God loves us all. I believe that god wants this nation the bind our people together to bring about peace and a better life for all people. God is just waiting for all his children to come together to show their thanks for the very life God gave to each person.

I believe that writing words can accomplish more for people then all the wars and killing that goes on around our world. I believe that their are so many of Gods children in every country that are tired of the death and hunger and lack if care for all life. I write to bring all of us together to bring and end to war hate and destruction every where. I am Gods voice for real religion and not the death and war that people use Religion for. I write to bring all the voices of Gods children to tell people every where to stop killing Gods children in the name of religion.

Jesus taught us love for all gods children and then people kill and leave gods children to suffer from hunger and sickness and the hopeless feeling that life brings these children. I write to explain the cries of pain that God hears every day and in every nation for the loss of so many of his childrens lives.

I write for the love of my God and my nation. I write with respect that all these problems will bring our people together instead of tearing us apart. I write with the hopes that our country will take this final step in democracy not only for all people but for the love of God that lives with in all his children. I write to bring people back to the word of god and country so that together our people can serve god and this great nation

My heart cries out for all our people. I write the truth for every body to read with the hope that I can bring our nation together for all people and our God.

As always I write with respect.

My name is Mike Carvell of the voice I hope that these articles will bring fourth change and hope for all people. I write to help people come together for all of God children. Because I believe really do believe that all people are important. I really believe that death and war must stop. I believe that god would want religion to be lived by not used as a weapon to kill. I think that we all can be so much more if we all try. I see a world where no one goes hungry. I see a world where no child cries out in pain from lack of food or proper medical care. I see A world where each of us values every life. I see a world that lives as God and Jesus would want his children to live. I see a world where we all stand together as one people. I see a world where death and war are weapons of the past. I see a world peace and love is part of every one of God's children. I see a world where all people really live as God's children. This is my hopes and prayers for all people that read these articles. May God bless all of us and bring a final and lasting peace to all people. As always Thank you.


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