Some Women Like To Control Men And Some Morons Let Them Do It


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Ever hear of one of those guys? You know who I’m talking about. I mean the ones who let a woman move into a place with the attitude that that residence is instantly theirs and theirs alone.

Let’s look at a couple of scenarios I’ve seen lately:

1. Two male friends rent a place together. Guy 1’s girlfriend begins to spend more and more time there. And soon enough, the girl wants Guy 2 out of the apartment/house.

2. More than a decade after a widower remarries and his bride moves in to his place, she tells him she “needs her space” and makes him move out of the home.

What’s happening here!

First off, you have these women with the arrogance and audacity to try to force men out of places they have the primary right to. Then, you have the idiot men who actually allow them to do it.

Hypothetically speaking, if my girlfriend/wife ever said she needed some space, I figure it’s on her to go find that space, not me. And as for the first scenario, sorry pal but any man with even a half set of testicles should stick to the old adage “bros before … um, we don’t need to resort to vulgarity here. ”

These days, even television makes fun of such things. One such example is CBS’s “Two and a Half Men. ” Honestly, when was the last time you ever saw a show or movie in which the male kept the house or apartment after a divorce or breakup?

What lies at the heart of this issue is fairness. Which today, seems to be quite off balance.


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