The New Black Panther Party

Nona Nixon

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To tell the story of the “New Black Panther Party", one must tell the story of the original “Black Panther Party. " The previous “Black Panther Party" was a progressive political organization which stood for social change. The “BPP" was the only Black organization to arm and promote a revolutionary agenda. They came under heavy scrutiny by our FBI Chief, J. Edgar Hoover during that period. I do not understand why everyone denounces President Hoover for the stance he took. The “BPP" did create “some" good ideas within their “Ten Point Plan" program however, most of the ideas were far fetched. The mentioning of a revolutionary movement by any race would catch the attention of any nation, so the idealization the FBI Chief was merely picking on this particular group during that era or any era is far fetched in my eyes.

I do feel the “Black Panther Movement" was started with good intentions. The original founders along with many of their members, did not sustain longevity. They did not withstand with their belief's as well as ideas. One can not blame the government for this. Where I do understand it was racist times during that particular era, the government can not be blamed for the irresponsibility of the movement leaders abandoning their causes.

The “BPP" also had many other organizations supporting their causes. You do not often hear of the support organizations largely due to the fact, these organizations were “White Organizations". The “BPP" did perform great things within poor inner-city neighborhoods, but this can not disguise the misrepresentation of good core values. The original “BPP" actually believed the same as other “men" during this era, they along with the society during this time frame believed women were to be placed behind men and this included any woman belonging to this organization, you will not hear this obvious fact as well.

The “New Black Panther Party" is not even close to the original “BPP" even with the obvious downfalls of the original “BPP". This particular new movement is a racist organization which refers to “White" people as “Whities". The “NBPP" calls for enslavement of “White" people. “The Huey P. Newton Foundation" denounces this group. For the record, no active member in the “NBPP" organization was ever in the original “BPP". “The Huey P. Newton Foundation" openly denounces the new “NBPP" on the grounds it stands for racial hatred, not unification.

No race in America can blame our current status on the past. I feel all races in America suffer from “irresponsibility". We live within a nation which is indeed capitalistic. What comes along with Capitalism? Homelessness and poverty. We each have the free will to not accept our past, whether it be from irresponsibility or poverty or both. I will direct this at my own gender as well as race.

I feel anyone who follows the movement of the “NBPP" is more than likely irresponsible as well as racist. The “NBPP" wants to conquer racism with racism, this of course is a lose-lose situation, not to mention ignorant thinking. I know of many African-Americans who are successful. I know of many who are not, same applies to other races. If more successful people aided their particular races or genders with the tools in which they indeed utilized themselves, this would be a great trickle-down effect. Instead of this occurring, we have people who always want to blame someone else for their poverty, their ignorance. I say, lay the blame where it belongs, on each of us as individuals, not a race of people.

The “NBPP" is a group of racist hate mongers. My prediction is that they will not sustain longevity same as the original “BPP". They will eventually fall by the wayside of history books with the leaders abandoning their causes. One can not conquer racism with racism, when the followers of this movement wake up and realize this obvious fact, they will hopefully turn their back on this racist organization.

One can not trust an organization which consists of not only racists, but criminals. We have people blaming our country for the watchful eye in which they keep on this “hateful" organization. I say, if you play with fire, you will get “burned", therefore, the “NBPP" will eventually realize that hate groups have no place in America, same with the “KKK" and other hate groups. Groups such as this need to be stopped, not only by our government, but by the hard working people within our country which consist of all genders as well as races. Blame yourself for your poverty, blame yourself for not getting a great job, it is not our nations fault for your hopelessness. More groups need to stress this realization. I call to lend a helping hand, not a handout. Upon this reality catching on within our modern times within America, only then will we view a true dent appearing in the high statistics of homelessness as well as poverty. Groups such as the “NBPP" along with other racist groups do not want unity nor equality, for if the minorities within our country indeed experienced true equality, groups such as this would no longer have a reason to exist.


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