American Exceptionalism & Unilateralism

Javad Alipoor

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A series of decisions by the current US Administration, in widely differing sectors, are causing increasing concern among the global public-health community. Together, these decisions can perhaps best be thought of as manifestations of American exceptionalism, in which international laws and standards of behavior apply only to other countries. In the international arena the USA has opted out of a series of collective initiatives, many of which have potentially important consequences for health, security, and human rights. These initiatives and treaties include topics such as the banning of land-mines, the International Criminal Court, and the promulgation of anti-ballistic missiles. The decision to send captured fighters from Afghanistan to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where they are held in legal limbo, is viewed by some as a withdrawal from the Geneva Convention. In other areas, US officials have stayed at the table but sought to undermine effective action, as with the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control or the quest for concerted action on climate change (the Kyoto Protocol).

Domestic and international politics, however, related. Despite budget deficit, increased military expenditure, and taxes burden, that increased pressure on American citizens, U. S exercise unilaterally in the world. U. S. current leaders want to supply their needs by colonization and expansion policies same as colonial powers in last centuries.

American Exceptionalism placed American values at center of foreign policy, fostering belief in the essential union of American virtue and power. American Expectionalism opens up American national history to a series of intersection with other national stories. American Exceptionalism cause that U. S. acts exclusively in all aspects like politics, culture, economy, and military.

American exception lists’ effete on American political culture, as a result, it shapes specific characters in American people. Then Americans behave based on them in any relations, even in interactions with other nations. U. S. administrators, beneath of this monster, want to lead world. They believe that nations and states should act based on U. S. agreement and American values. Thus U. S. foreign policy officials recognize a divine mission for guide world, particularly less-developed and uncivilized nations, to prosperity, welfare and humanitarian behaviors. They argue that must democratize and make liberty all peoples.

According to American Exceptionalism and American values and American nationalism, White House administrators practice in international system so that any theories of international relations cannot justify U. S. foreign policies. Realists emphasize states interest in accumulating power to ensure security in an anarchic world, pursuit their own national interests defend in terms of power, while U. S. stress on human rights, international law, international regimes, international organizations that correspond to liberalism theory. on one hand, U. S. drastically emphasizes to norms, collective values, non-material structures of international system, that they are key concepts and assumptions of constructivism, on the other, seeks to undermine effective actions same as Kyoto protocol or withdraw frame Geneva convention, and attacked to Iraq without UN agreement. Of course, human rights, freedom, democracy, and war against terrorism are American tools for intervening in external and internal affairs of other actors. However, we know that U. S. has great military power, but U. S policymakers use soft power , because this sort of power grant to U. S policies and governors legitimacy, also public opinions feel satisfaction.

Americans assume themselves as symbol of freedom, democracy, and civilization, and also pride because of these exceptional imaginations, then U. S. administrations misuse interpretation of these concepts for uniting and enforcing Americans national sensitive. For instance, the day after September 11, Bush said that:" The deliberate and deadly attacks which were carried out yesterday against our country were more than acts of terror. They were acts of war. This will require our country to unite in steadfast determination and resolve. Freedom and democracy are under attack. . . . This enemy attacked not just our people, but freedom-loving people everywhere in the world. . . . This will be a monumental struggle of good versus evil. But good will prevail. “

Any president or leader cannot claim same as Bush, today. It is evident of exceptional thought and deliberation, just as Spanish and Britain prime ministers not only couldn't claim that terroristic operations in Madrid and London were attack to freedom and democracy, but also couldn't accuse any country.

In globalization era, that national boarders and cultures is undermining, this is a good chance to replacing American values instead of local and national values. It seems that Americans policymakers now carry out this project bather than previous. American Exceptionalism encourages U. S. leader to unilateralism, while it is dangerous for humanity and causes fundamental reactions in world. Also, U. S. leaders ignore identity crisis in America, Anti- Americanism, and hate of world people from America.

My name is Javad Alipoor, I'm from Tabrize, I'm 25years old. I have empirical science diploma. I finished high school in 1998. My A. M degree is Islamic studies and political science, Imam Sadiq university of Tehran, Iran. I finished it in 2003. I passed 190 credits in undergraduate.

I'm studying 2 disciplines in M. A degree. I'm studying political science and International relations in Imam Sadiq university of Tehran, that I almost finished it. Also, I ‘m studying North American studies in institute for North American and European studies, university of Tehran. I translated political articles and essays from English to Persian, and published in Persian publications and magazines.

Qualifications: language; Persian, English, Azeri(Turkish), Arabic(familiar). Computer skills; Win 98 & XP, Internet Explorer, Word, search engines.


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