Liberals Admit New Jersey Government Mostly Non-Essential


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I’m giving New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine and all the liberals in the legislature a gold star for proving two lessons about government that I have been teaching people for years. What are those lessons? Well first, that government sticks their grubby little hands in more places than they should. And second, that government after sticking their grubby little hands where they shouldn’t causes needless pain and suffering. Simply, that government is far too large and intrusive to the liberties of Americans.

Now I do have to clarify that Mr. Corzine and his fellow liberals did not do this great service for America on purpose. Rather, as left wing liberals often do, they stumbled blindly and backwards into the truth. With the shut down of “non-essential" government agencies due to a budget impasse we have now seen the light of truth shone upon the aforementioned evils of bloated government.

Seriously, what is a “non-essential" government employee anyway? In case the word “non-essential" is too big for you to digest it means “not needed". If they are not needed then what the heck are they getting paid to do and why are the citizens of New Jersey paying them to do it?

This would be akin to you going out, hiring some poor schmuck to sit in your yard all day and have him wave at the cars going by. He is not accomplishing anything of importance, he’s just there. Window-dressing, so to speak. Nothing bad happens if tomorrow he is not there. The sun still rises in the east the next morning. The world doesn’t end. He is “non-essential".

This problem in New Jersey arose as the liberals were not able to initially decide how to raise taxes to cover a budget deficit, which resulted from them spending too much. So naturally the answer is to raise taxes on the people and punish them for the fiscal irresponsibility of the legislature right? Big mistake. They assume the way to ending a deficit is taxing people more not, say spending less or even (shudder) cutting taxes to spur economic growth.

The biggest problem to their continued spending spree however was that the state constitution itself requires that a budget be in place to spend money. “Damn it, " you could hear the left wingers swearing under their breath.

So tens of thousands of “non-essential" state workers were placed in the bread line waiting for a solution. A solution, mind you, that basically amounts to the liberals deciding how much more they are going to pay for the privilege of being state workers in New Jersey.

But the funniest thing of all was that the state still functioned. Hmm, how odd.

So again I ask why are these people being paid to do work that is not essential to the functions of government?

Actually I should clarify my one previous statement. I should say the state still “functioned" except where arbitrary control had been placed over businesses by the government. Which leads to the kicker and the second part of my point; that when government does “non-essential" things it causes pain to the people.

This partial shut down of government meant that private businesses like the Atlantic City Casinos could not open because the required regulators were not present to watch over them. That also means that all the employees of these casinos were not working and not getting paid in case you didn’t already figure that one out.

Now mind you its not that the casinos would not possibly be able to operate without these “non-essential" government employees and the guiding hand of Big Brother and central planning. To the contrary they could do very well without such hindrances and do a rather brisk business. But the legislature arbitrarily made it so that they cannot operate without breaking the law because the government was shut down. Hence, like I said, causing needless pain to innocent people.

Also the beaches would have to be closed. Ok, seriously, how the heck do you close the Atlantic Ocean? Do you pull the drain plug and empty it? Do you bring out the super sized pool cover and close it off? And who the heck is left to monitor the ocean to make sure no one uses it? Are we to seriously believe that those people normally in change of operating the beach were “non-essential" while the Gestapo sent to enforce the beach closing would not be?

And whose bright idea was it to give control over the beaches to the State in the first place? Heaven forbid private citizens get to own property right?

Campgrounds were another item listed as on the list to be closed. Gee, I was unaware that I was not able to go camping without Ranger Fiddlefart to watch over me because I might burn my fingers trying to start a campfire. I did not realize I was that incompetent. Thanks Big Daddy Government!

Oh and horse racing tracks were also closed which means no money to be earned for the owners of the horses. And while the DMV would be closed you can bet that State Troopers would be out in force ready to give you a ticket for the expired license you were not able to get renewed.

Now do you understand what I mean by how the government causes “pain" when it sticks its hands and other body parts where they do not belong? Talk about getting screwed by the government if you get my drift.

But yet still the sun came up this morning and people went about their lives. Well, that is except for those people that have to have government wipe their bottoms for them after they use the toilet. And a vast majority of them were on the government payroll no doubt. After all they were “non-essential". But for the rest of New Jersey’s residents life went on and the question remains what are you paying these people for?

J. J. Jackson is the owner and Lead Editor of American Conservative Politics - The Land of the Free ( ) and American Conservative Daily ( ) He is also the owner of American Infidel T-shirts ( )


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