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I was listening to talk radio this morning. I know it shouldn't, but I do. Sometimes the host seems sane and sometimes you get a real stinking day, with the stinking-thinking of a Ghost-host, who is apparently havin’ a bad day.

How else could someone talk so darn mean? It seems as if the far right, that's my opinion, takes what they call “the high ground" on a subject, and then they get right down in the sewer! Not with their use of vulgar language or cussing, but the good ole’ acceptable English words can be formed to do more than what a sword could do! This is because it would be a “sword fight", and not a one-sided combat! You see, from my perspective, the “target of the radio host usually does not have the forum anywhere near as formidable as the talk show host. So it is like watching, or listening in this case, to an unarmed combatant going up against a man with a sword. You hear nothing from the “target-victim"! Even if the victim is semi-famous, or semi-infamous, he or she, has absolutely nothing, virtually, to say as they are “slaughtered"! This kind of combat, unlike a true debate, you know, a debate between peers, not at all like the ones we have been exposed to whenever we are subjected to the horror of Presidential “Debates", but real debate, before an audience that contains no “Fan Club", nor much of a “Party" to hone our word-battle into a “prime time made for TV" show.

I'm not talking about having a political opinion here folks. I mean, we all have an opinion on most national and state issues. Some even have opinions about local issues! Imagine that, if you will. But to get on the radio, in this case its KLIF in Dallas, and say something so cruel that it curdles me, then it must be one of the lowest of the lowest “below the belt hits" I ever heard!

Cindy Shehan is at, or will soon be, in Crawford, Texas. She will not be in that little town exactly, but out in the countryside on a County road, or FM road. She is going to picket the Presidents’ ranch again. Now, I have been there. I mean, I have visited the location. Only after and in-between the commotion, I did visit to get my bearings, sort of get the lay of the geography, because there was a major controversy about roadsides, right-of-ways, etc. That is a mental throw-back to my days spent in Vietnam.

I was in Vietnam.

The setting is a flat black dirt land. A deep ditch, oh, about twenty feet at a straight-straight down angle in the area to drain the land. If you can picture that. And this ditch, as so many used to do back near where I grew up, goes down and into whiterock. Whiterock is like chalk, and just as brittle and white. There is only the one paved road that winds down and around so curvy that you begin to doubt that it goes anywhere except back to town.

In the old days of road construction I think the county just followed the old dirt roads “donated" right of way, winding back and forth from the front yard of one home to the front yard of the next. And that is why we have such curvy FM highways. Well, they have straightened them out a bit, a show of cut-off “old roadbed" is here and there.

Past this main point of our focus, the road hits a junction. It is nothing more than the meeting of two roadbeds, and it is just the same type of old roadway, that is, the same type construction. The pavement from this new roadway meets ours, but divides, going off at an angle in both directions, constructing a small “Y:" looking spot in the middle containing a small bit of land, much as you would see anywhere, but why here? I have no idea. But it is all paved, except this landed, grassed center of the “Y", showing it is a bus route. In this country they put down a whiterock based road over all the dirt roads used at the very least, and then soon as they can, budget-wise, the county paves each of those roads. I can remember when the county roads were dirt, those are roads that actually outline each county, as if it were a border crossing or something. As a matter of fact, it was, to a point, and still is!

Anyway, these County unpaved roads had fences along the sides if you were lucky. And at times and at such places around, there was and is, more than a handful of cattleguards in the roadway, where the county right of way and the property owner kind of have dual possession. There is the assumption that you are entering into the land owners property, including the roadway, as in Texas the property line is often in the center of the road, even in towns. Why this concentration here with the lay of the land and road junctions? Because it became as much a part of the controversy and story as the picketing and protesting in front of the “ranch" did! “Ranch" is in quotes here because it is not at all a ranch. Believe me, there is not much to see, not worth making the trip! Its more like the plowed ground between Israel and Palestine held high ground than it is a ranch!

This is the battleground for Cindy Shehan. There is now signs posted every ten foot, almost, that deny anyone the right to park along the roadbed. So to avoid a ticket, and perhaps incarceration, you have to be very circumspect as far as parking and distance if you want to exercise your right of “free speech". Even the “Y" spoken of here has its many signs, one for every direction, embedded within its very small ten foot a side, triangle! Just you try and park or have access to the side of the road to park, stand, picket, or protest!

I put that “free speech" right in quotation marks for a reason. It seems that there is none today in this country. You can get arrested for wearing a “Veterans for Peace" tee shirt at the VA hospitals! Don't laugh. And don't be surprised. I have heard warnings of this coming to your area soon!

What with eighty-odd newly announced, roads such as that of the TTC, or superhighway, is soon coming to your area and is not remote prospect anymore. Changing roads, such as our new 121 State Highway (I think) extension into one of the many converted, taxed, paid for, roadways into money machines for Spain. Yep, another toll road! Handled, managed, maintained, and repaired, by a company from Spain. The company is said to be owned by the King of Spain. I think I saw that coming when I saw signs around here saying, “This section of roadway adopted by. . . . ". It figures, don't it.

So as you drive down a toll road your Grandpapy paid for with his tax money, paying the Spanish Crown as you go, and come to any seaport, (they are all transferred now anyway, no tip of the hat to public outcry I think, by the Saudi buying the several companies!) to ship your cargo upon a Chinese Freighter, using the port owned and operated by the Saudis, you are probably driving a truck registered in Mexico. You would probably be coming from the new Kansas Mexican Port , I am not at all kidding you here! You see, we don't actually “Do" anything now. Except pay and pay and pay!

When that super-duper-highway gets to cutting Texas in to two states, I wonder where the famous will live? I mean, it has to be one or the other? I reckon. So which will have all the political power, and who will be left “sucking hind teat" as my old Grandpa used to say.

Well, I went around the long way din't I? But that is typical of me. I can get back to the point fast enough. Cindy Shehan is, according to this radio talk show “Monster", controlled and funded by all that is evil and horrible on the far left. And I guess that is true! And the “hunger strike", if there is one, “isn't"! I guess that too. But still, even I know that these several radio talk show stations, and probably more to the point, the talk show host, is funded by big “business" types on the far right, if not actually funded by an arm of the U. S. Government!

Now, don't you doubt for a minute you are not a victim of propaganda! For you are. You are bombarded with it from your early coffee until you turn your lights out at night. All financed by the U. S. Government, or the cronies of whoever is in office. We are the same as every other country! We have “suicided" non-essential persons, we have “arms cut off", we have “propaganda", we have “corruption", we have “murder in the name of the state", we have it all. And “payola, to control'a" is not beyond the pale! Not with so much at stake. That is, the stake is being driven into the very heart of this country to “meld" it to the world Government. To kill it, and if you don't believe that, you are kinda simple, ain't ya?

There is one small detail that stands in the way of all this. And that is the “middle of the kingdom". Not “The Kingdom", that comes later, that one is only spiritual now, for some. But the middle of America. It is still alive. Still has a heartbeat. As a matter of fact, it has a heart! Which is saying more than the “Monsters" of talk radio have! To prove that to me again this morning, one national talk show host said something horrid! It was in order to “put down" Cindy Shehan and her efforts, whether good or bad, that is beside the point, “she hasn't (even) put a tombstone on her sons’ grave yet!"

Now by God, that is uncalled for! That is not only hurtful it is a disgrace. Even an old battle-horse, half-blind and half-dumb old salt like me, has a heart, and that was hurt by those words! Can you imagine that being said of or about your family? That ain't hitting below the belt. That is, instead, right out of the pit of Hell! Typically talk radio is a hard line, but this is talk show radio, at its best! Come on man, have at least some dignity!

Dan Bunch

Copyright 2006 by Dan Bunch All Rights Reserved

Dan Bunch

Dan Bunch is of Native American Melungeon heritage. His mother a naturalized citizen, his father, a United States Army veteran of WWII, born in Texas a Cherokee-Melungeon.

Dan Bunch, totally ignorant of his African and Melungeon heritage, spent his formative years in Whitewright, Texas, where he was exposed to the typical “White" American youth experience of; school; football, baseball, and boxing, and farm work. He enlisted in the United States Navy Reserve at the age of seventeen while still a junior in high school. He has had a multitude of experience in business. He attributes his interest in many subjects to his early career as a newspaper boy in his hometown of Whitewright, Texas.

He married his high school sweetheart Gayle in 1965, a brilliant woman with a professional carreer in finance. They have two children and five grandchildren. Dan Bunch is a graduate of Grayson Co. Jr. College, which he attended upon his return from active military service in Vietnam. He was aboard U. S. Navy River Patrol Boats. Dan Bunch is a lifetime member of the DAV.


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