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The Rise of Power in Government and Decline of Morality


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Machine Politicians Or Paid Puppet Masters?  

You only have to be popular - not qualified

In corporate America the expert or specialist is always chosen over the untrained. An individual seeking a position as a CEO of a large company is required to have a track record of many successful years of accomplishments before being considered for the job. Stock holders would not vote for a novice to be responsible for their investments. Yet in affairs of higher government administration, the most popular or victor of the battle wins without considering credentials.

On the job training is good enough.

Most Presidents get their experience from being Governors, Senators, or on occasion military leaders. The complexities of the office are not fully reveled until after the electoral process. It compares to an accountant stepping into the Chief Executive Officers position, with only a briefing of the companies position and duties. No stock holder group would allow such a thing. Perhaps the citizens should be stock holders . . . oh, that's what  we already are!   

Cooperate presidents have higher requirements.

People won't consider risking their money to a untrained cooperate president but will risk their money's sincerity as well as their lives to an untrained government President. Even though a President may be elected, he/she is not required to serve as an apprentice or intern before taking the position, even the President's aid may be required to have more training than the President.

All Presidents, except those who had been Vice President, step into the office and spend their entire term in on-the-job-training. No President is completely prepared for the office. Common citizens make an assumption that the person running for the office is qualified but in reality that is not so.

Loyal to the party and self.

Another phenomenon is party loyalty and detaching themselves from the people. With the assumption of government office also comes a wave of favoritism and selfish motives for appointing the army of employees required to run the countless bureaus and department. The fact that a new President will appoint friends, party members and those he is indebted to fill these positions is never questioned by the public. There is very little consideration to qualification while cronyism is important.          

To the victors belong the spoils.

As Andrew Jackson stated, “To the victors belong the spoils" is nothing more than what every politician puts into practice. The two party system has stooped to the point where a certain twisted pleasure comes from knowing the spoils of the victors are justified. In fact, many wealthy people set in Congress, and the Senate which has became the proverbial, “Good Old Politician's", millionaires’ club for the powerful.

The political system has become corrupt and has lost its credibility through its’ continued acts of injustice brought upon the American people. There is a call heard around the world which is arousing the exploited to seek moral Reform. The Lobby system has placed temptation in front of the politician, swaying their accountability into favor of those who pay the most.   Washington has become a nest of favoritism, payoffs and power. The will of the people is a joke amongst political gatherings as politicians wallow in the inner sanctions of their office.

Some like rolling in money

Like it or not, it's become a big club for the rich and powerful. Does it make sense that politicians spend millions to make thousands? It's all about power, not helping the people, not being a good guy. Don't believe it? Try to contact your congress man or Senator. It will never happen. You get some aid that knows nothing but is always willing to relay the message. Yah, don't hold your breath for an answer.

Some enjoy power.

If the business of government is to secure our rights and not police our behavior then the morals found in government is withstanding. Some find that immorality points to something other than harmful actions against others. The expansion of governments influence has politicized the free expression of the people and weakened the nation's moral fabric. What stems from being politically correct becomes the accepted actions of the general public. This gives way to the premises that “the deviations of today become the norms of tomorrow. "  No wonder corruption is rampant in Washington, it's the nature of the beast.

Happy Trails

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The Absence Of Morality
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