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The New World Order Agenda Part 3 - Globalization of Our World


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The key players are in place, and everything is moving according to their plan. The war in Iraq, the economic crisis stemming from Wall Street, home foreclosures, banks failing, job losses, outsourcing of jobs, the systematic weakening of the U. S. dollar-all of it was previously designed. Do not think they won't sacrifice millions for their visions of a global currency, global government, and global society. The key players of the New World Order are strategically in place, and everything is moving according to their will, their goal and their purpose. And if it means sacrificing this country. . . this democracy even American life, they won't think twice about it. The goals and interests of the New World Order come before the goals and interests of the United States government itself. This is their belief. Is the U. S. government really in control of America at this point?

The economic crisis on Wall Street-all of it leads back to the U. S. currency, which is completely useless and has been for a very long time now. We're moving toward a cashless society. The majority of Americans will think nothing of this, because we've been programmed slowly over the last twenty-five years to sign up to receive credit cards from companies such as American Express and MasterCard, or sign up to receive a free bankcard whenever we open up a checking or savings account with the bank of our choice. We've been programmed to pay our bills online using our bankcard or credit card number. We don't need actual currency when vacationing in other countries. As long as you have Visa, American Express or MasterCard, that's the currency, which is accepted anywhere you travel in the world. Then there's the Smart Card, which is another type of credit or debit card. This computer-chipped card (mainly used in Europe) is no more or perhaps no less than a tracking mechanism. The government knows where you are or where you've been at all times from each transaction with this card as well as your Wachovia or Bank of America card.

The globalization of our world depends upon three major things: economics, politics and social order. Sadly, at some point in this nation's history, the U. S. paper currency will fail, and only one currency for the entire world will then take effect. Since the U. S. economy is one of the largest in the world, it is fitting that this country would be the place where the house of economic cards starts to fold again since the Great Depression of 1929. If our monetary system fails, then of course other economic systems will follow.

The $700 billion dollars that President George Bush had proposed to bailout Wall Street does not even take into consideration the poor and middle-class citizens of America, because WE DO NOT MATTER when it comes down to the greater scheme of things. People have been losing their homes to foreclosure within the last four years now. Did the Bush Administration bailout homeowners? American families? American workers? Where is the justice for the elderly of this country, many of whom have also lost their homes to foreclosure? People have worked hard all their lives only for many of them to end up jobless, nearly penniless, carless, and homeless within the past four years.

Barack Obama has a powerful vision of hope for America. He would like for all Americans to get on board with this vision of hope for a better country. He would like for every single American to share with him in this vision for a better healthcare system, a better public/private educational system, better solutions regarding America's foreign policies around the world, and he would like (along with America's help) to clean up corrupt politics in Washington, D. C. However, while Barack Obama projects his and our vision of hope as well as change, there are those among us who would like nothing better than to see giant corporations (oil companies, finance companies, etc. ) continue to dominate in Washington, D. C. and in our pockets. There are those who could care less about the continuation of our democracy, and the continuation of the U. S. dollar.

Democracy or a dictatorship? Which one is it going to be?



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