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I Would Much Rather Lose a Political Campaign Than Lose a War, Well, Maybe Not?


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John McCain has consistently used his military experience and national security judgment as the lynchpin of his candidacy. He has promised all Americans that he will always base his decisions on what is best for our security, above all else. So why did he pick a successor with absolutely no foreign policy or national security experience at a time when we are fighting a war on two fronts and dealing with increasingly dangerous situations in Iran and Russia? Senator McCain has stated over and over again that the war on Terrorism is the transcendent challenge of the 21st century both for the American people and free people all over the world. So why did he choose a running mate who has never met a foreign leader, got her first passport last year, and has never received a national security briefing?

Senator McCain, and every other presidential candidate, have consistently proclaimed that the most important question to ask when choosing a running mate is very simple: what happens if something happens to me? So why did he choose a running mate that he only met one time and barely even knew?

All Americans should be disappointed in John McCain, even those in the Republican Party who refuse to show their disappointment publicly. As we all know, that is simply not the case. Identity politics has once again trumped what is best for our country. Senator Obama has become a rock star of the liberal movement by inspiring millions with his words. Immediately following the Palin nod, conservative talk radio and blogs went wild, confirming that Senator McCain had found his own social conservative rock star to compete with the liberal frenzy over Obama. So once again, political inspiration of the base triumphs over the need for good governance.

Democrats have tripped over their feet for almost four weeks dealing with the enthusiasm that Palin has infused into the Republican ticket by trying to tear her down for her lack of experience. That has of course backfired because they have a Presidential nominee with a resume that doesn't exactly exude confidence. They should have simply put John McCain's judgment and priorities on trial instead of Governor Palin. The Vice Presidential pick is the single most important executive decision a Presidential Candidate makes before election day. We all know what John McCain used that decision for. He used it solely for partisan political purposes, not for the purposes for which the decision was created. He did not make the decision for the millions of Americans who trusted him to keep them safe. He made it for himself.

Politics of course rears its ugly head into every VP pick, but never like this. The process usually consists of two steps: create a list of qualified candidates and then choose the candidate with the most political currency in the bank. John McCain simply bypassed step number one and went directly to step number two. Let's just pray we don't need to look to his “number two" anytime soon to keep us safe. The ability to make decisions is given to our leaders so they can use those decisions to bring about a positive result for the American people, not the candidate making them. Shame on you Senator McCain.

Craig Flaherty


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