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Should Presidential Candidates Be Required to Disclose Their Health Records?

Hazel Auldridge

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Should Presidential Candidates be required to disclose their health records? This is a most controversial question. American people are prone to be swayed by sympathy; as well as prejudice opinions. Just as now, there is so much bigotry debate concerning Obama and his ethic race. And so with Hillary Clinton because she is a woman; even McCain because he is not in good health. I could go on and on, but you get the picture.

Health records are of very little relevance to whether or not a person is a capable candidate for the office of president. Besides, let us hope that anyone that tosses their hat into the campaign arena would have the good sense to know, and take that fact into serious consideration, if anything in their health record would hinder their ability to run our great country of America. Everyone has had various events in their life that would be more a determinately issue than prior health. Let us take a quick reflection to President Franklin Roosevelt, who served our nation during war time, and he was a victim of polio. Oh yeah! He got a lot of criticism but he served our country longer than any other president.

Our today society can be overly judgmental, and sometime to quick to predict the result by unprofessional argument. Many people give their view that is rendered by impulse, and hear say; rather than scientific facts. If the person making the statement is considered to be a prominent citizen, some of our public voters will not even question the prediction; moreover, they will continue to spread the prophecy without ever giving the issue a second thought; nor taking the time to research the facts. We could call that idle gossip, but no matter the name that is tagged onto it, this sort of campaign rallying can create havoc; as well as, so much unnecessary misunderstandings. But, that is a privilege that we have in the United States of America. That freedom being ‘The Freedom Of Speech’.

Should Presidential Candidates be required to disclose their health records? The only reason that a Presidential Candidate should be required to disclose their health records would be in order to archive the records for future history reference. One of the reasons that draws me to this conclusion would be that when a person has had enough experience to gain the wisdom needed to be an effective leader, they will be on into years. Statistics show that very few people past the age of thirty-five years has a perfect health record.

Our country is defiantly in need of a change to improve our laws, our health benefits, and much more; but knowing our Candidates and their past health record is trivia so far as the betterment of our nation.

God Bless America, and God Bless our Troops that continue to give us the opportunity to write articles such as this. It is the health issues of our troops when they return home that we should be making a priority of improvement. Without our Troops we would have no need to debate Presidential Candidates.

Think about it!

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