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Another Side of Obama


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The United States of America and the world in general have been basking in the euphoria of the nomination of the first black man, Senator Barack Obama as the Democratic Party Presidential candidate. The question the whole world is asking is who is this enigma who trounced the former first lady, Hillary or Billary Clinton? Who is this smooth operator who got the blessing of the charismatic Kennedy dynasty? Who is this dude that sent jitters to hitherto political heavyweights like Mario Cuomo and John Edwards crashing out so early in the race?curious questions.

It's perfectly normal for the world to rejoice at the gradual ascendancy of a minority race. Die-hard optimists are already so certain that it's only a matter of time for affirmative action to be absolutely unnecessary.

Putting aside the media hype including the subtle endorsement by media mogul, Rupert Murdoch of a November victory, we have to critically look at the gains of an Obama presidency to America and the world in general.

He advocated for a total and immediate withdrawal of the American troops from Iraq. The idea sounds okay taking into cognizance of the fact that there has been a huge loss of lives of the troops and billions of dollars seems to have gone down the drain as no weapons of mass destruction was found. However, there is an angle which is consistently ignored. Wouldn't the sudden withdrawal lead to a civil war considering the acrimonious relationship between the shias and Sunnis? Wouldn't this move lead to an aggravation of the crisis in the troubled Middle East? That withdrawal would mean a betrayal of America's role in international peace-keeping.

There has been a paradigm shift in the political climate of America since September 11,2001. Elections are now decided on terrorism issues. This was how the Republicans swept the polls in the 2004 presidential elections. Former President Bill Clinton admitted that the Republicans understood the mechanism of getting power better than the Democrats. The terrorism issue is going to take the front burner this year. Americans want to be safe first and foremost before thinking of their ailing economy. What is Obama's stance on this worldwide scourge? still unclear. Can America really trust him?

He is a pro-choice advocate. This runs contrary to his Christian beliefs which unambiguously states in the fifth commandment that “That Shall Not Kill". Does America need a gentle murderer in the name of a women's rights campaigner?

He promised to absorb twelve million immigrants into the American society and even went as far as lobbying for driver's licenses for them. Is that decision a security conscious one? Can't there be possible terrorists who may want to stretch their luck a bit far by blowing up the oval office this time around?

Before casting your vote think critically about the other side of this Kenyan dude before getting carried away by the Obamamania and probably falling into a deep ditch.

how real is the obamamania

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