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You Cant Say That Anymore


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Don Imus did it again. On his June 23rd radio show, discussing the number of times football star Adam “Pacman" Jones had been arrested, Imus asked what color he was. Advised that Jones was black, Imus replied, “Well, there you go. Now we know. "

His nemesis, Al “Tawana" Sharpton, Minister of Truth Czar and arbiter of all things racial sprang into action. Flush with success at costing Imus his job about a year ago, demagogue Al once again tried to turn an innocent comment into a racial slur.

Imus defended his right to make what he characterized as a sarcastic point. “What people should be outraged about is they arrest blacks for no reason, " he said. “There's no reason to arrest this kid six times. "

Most people having any common sense and well informed or not, would agree. In fact, a recent study showed that blacks were more than twice as likely as whites to be arrested when pulled over.

The same Justice Department study, based on interviews with over 64,000 people, revealed that blacks and Hispanics were much more likely to be pulled over, searched, threatened and arrested than whites. It is a well-known fact - known to everyone but truth minister Sharpton - that many stops and searches are based on race rather than legitimate reasons.

"Driving while black" has become a well-known legitimate complaint.

I tend to believe Don Imus. He is correct in saying the outrage should be about arresting blacks for no reason. The outrage should also be directed against provocateurs like Sharpton. “Well, there you go. Now we know. " can be interpreted any number of ways, but to characterize it as a racist remark - by Al Sharpton - is truly outrageous.

And the controlled media's apparent complicity in joining Sharpton's crusade to fuel the racial divide is another outrage. They should stick to their tales about imaginary terrorists that, thankfully, most people have learned to see through.

Listen to Sharpton - for entertainment purposes only. There's good reason for his “Tawana" nickname. Look up the details of the Tawana Brawley case of a few years ago. You'll learn what kind of credentials, or lack of same, Mr. Sharpton actually has.

Sharpton promises to continue monitoring Don Imus with his National Action Network lobby group - so, watch what you say, Imus. Just using the word “black" might cost you a little water-boarding therapy in our Guantanamo resort.

Freedom of speech was once a prized possession. It's close to becoming little more than a fond memory. When it's gone completely, we'll no longer enjoy the pretense of living in a democracy.

Otto King is a freelance writer, humorist and philosopher. His website 1984 News offers Real News from alternative and global sources, and chronicles our transformation into the totalitarian world of Orwell's 1984.


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