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What is a Democrat


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When it comes to the political parties many individuals choose either Republican or the Democrat side. If you are wondering which side you should choose and you have already read about the Republican Party then you will be happy to know that this article will be telling you all about the Democrat Party.

First we would like to start by telling you that Democrats have been around for a very long time now. In fact, the Democratic Party is known for being around the longest in the United States of America. You see the Democrat Party is pretty big because it just so happens to be one out of two of the major political parties to be found in the United States of America. The other party that follows behind the Democrat Party is known as the Republican Party.

If you try to trace the origins of the Democratic Party then you can trace it back to the Democratic-Republican Party. This party emerged in the year 1792. The Democratic-Republican Party was founded by a number of Federalists such as Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. When the division of the Republican Party came out in the year 1912 the Democratic Party has been positioned to the left when it comes to the economic views along with the social matters. Since the year 1932 the one individual that has shaped the Democratic Party the most was Franklin D. Roosevelt. Then in the 1960's we had the civil rights movement and that seemed to make the Democratic Party stronger.

In the year 2004 the Democrats were more popular than the Republicans. This is because there was seventy two million individuals registered to vote under the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party is currently known to be the majority party when it comes to the 110th Congress. The Democratic Party currently holds the majority when it comes to the House of Representatives along with the Democratic caucus. Also holding the majority when it comes to the state governorships is the Democratic Party. For the year 2008 we have a Democrat running for president and that is Senator Barack Obama. Barack Obama is from Illinois and it looking to be president of the United States of America on the Democrat side.

Have you ever wondered who is the one's responsible when it comes to promoting the champaign activities on the Democrat side? It is the Democratic National Committee or DNC. Currently the Democratic National Committee is being chaired by Howard Dean and he was the former Governor of Vermont. Have you ever noticed how we are being separated by political parties? The individuals who are Republicans are constantly downing the Democrats while the Democrats are downing the Republicans at the same time.

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