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Republican Beliefs


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When it comes to the political parties throughout the world you may know by know that there are a lot of different political parties. The two biggest political parties to be found in the United States of America is the Republican and the Democrats. The Democratic Party is known for being the biggest political party but the Republican Party closely follows this. If you are looking for information on the Republican Party then you should continue reading this article because this article will be telling you about the Republican Beliefs.

As any party, many different individuals throughout the United States of America talk about the Republican Party. Many individuals will say bad things about the Republicans but then there are those individuals who are Republican and will only say good things about the Republican Party. Perhaps this is because the Republican Party really does have good beliefs?

So really what does the Republican Party believe in? One thing we know for sure is that the Republican Party believes that the strength of the nation is within the individual. We must say that this is a pretty popular saying when it comes to the Republican Party so chances are you have heard them say it a number of different times. The Republican Party will also tell you that they believe everyone is created equal and no one should be treated differently. The Republican Party believes that everyone should have equal rights, equal opportunity and even equal justice.

You should not treat someone different because of his or her age, race, color, gender, religious beliefs or anything else. Throughout the History of the United States of America the Republican Party has supported a number of different things such as the abolition of slavery. The Republican Party has also supported the freedom of speech rights along with the women's suffrage. Have you ever wondered who proposed the 14th Amendment? It was the Republicans who proposed the 14th Amendment and as you already know the 14th Amendment is part of the Constitution today.

The first woman to serve in the House of Representatives is Jeanette Rankin and that was for the state of Montana. If you talk to a Republican you will find them to claim that they were the first party to push forward for women's suffrage. Republican's also say that they are the party of tax cuts. If you run into a Republican you may hear them speak about their freedom and there is nothing wrong with it. The truth is that all individuals are entitled to freedom and that is exactly what the Republican Party claims. Did you know that the Republicans dominated the 104th Congress? They sure did and they are continuing their deeds today.

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A Republican Vice President For the Next Generation
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