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McCain Adopts Obamas Iraq Plan Accuses Him of Flip Flopping


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John McCain needs to find a point of attack against Barack Obama and stick to it if he wants to win the election. While labeling Kerry a “flip flopper" in 2004 helped to reelected President Bush, its not going to work for McCain in 2008. McCain, after saying such things as “Obama would rather lose a war than lose an election" has come back to essentially agree with Obama's foreign policy stance on Iraq, saying that a 16 month time line for withdrawal sounds like “a pretty good timetable".

While the McCain camp is jumping all over Obama for his comment that he would “refine" his stance on Iraq based on what generals on the ground are saying, he forgets the policy changes that have made the John McCain of today look like a completely different person that he did a few years ago. He has switched from being against tax cuts for those making over $250,000 per year to wanting to make them permanent. Fox News itself reports that, “In his first year in the U. S. House, McCain voted with the minority and opposed the 1983 law creating the national holiday to honor King, but reversed his decision around 1990 after he says he ‘learned’ more about King's achievements. " Lately he has switched his positions on both indefinite US presence in Iraq and troop levels in Afghanistan.

When it comes down to it, at the end of the day politics is an ever changing world, and when faced with constantly changing information, not only do politicians’ views change, but they should change. We have all seen over the past years where unwavering policy positions get us, and it is not a road we want to be led down again. McCain needs to attack substantive differences between Obama and himself, rather than paint him in a light that would be all too easy to reflect right back at him. There is only one place that this present line of attacks can take McCain, and that is a serious blow back when he comes face to face with Barack Obama with these accusations of “flip-flopping".


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