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An American View - Racism Still Alive


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As story after story is written about the race issue, Geraldine Ferraro and Rev. Wright, I have held still to see where we would go with it. It didn't take long to flush out the Bigots and Racists from both sides of the fence. As much as we don't want it to be, this election will come down to race. Hillary Clinton will not go down without a fight. Neither will John McCain. The Good Ole Boy System is a long way from being dead. The reality is, Racism is thriving in this country today. It ain't just white people either. It is all races. The difference between the two is one is considered the long time agressor and the other is a long time victim.

The campaigning process began, overshadowed with the reality that Barack Obama was a black/white American. We knew that Hillary, though white would carry a large number of hispanics. We knew the hispanics were portrayed to hate the blacks and would vote for Hillary out of spite. John McCain is George Bush Republican so he has been a part of the Good Ole Boy System for many years. Who knows what he really thinks about the race thing?

In the last couple of weeks we have witnessed the line in the sand with the two democrats and their supporters. How many people surrounding Hillary, when Geraldine Ferraro made her comments about Barack, said Hell yeah, thats exactly why he is going that far? Tell the truth and Shame the devil folks! I read and heard comments from all over. The people that were not going to lose their jobs, said it outloud. The people that were going to lose their jobs, said it under their breath or in their minds.

Having said that and playing devil's advocate here, that is partially true. The reason I say that is, I have also heard comments from black individuals I know who have said the reason they are voting for him is because he is black. Most haven't even thought of issues There are black racists alive and well in this country, just like the other side. They think if Barack is President then all of their problems are over with because he will take care of them because they are black too. I am afraid that when he gets to the White House, he will then be called an Uncle Tom for not catering to the relatively few blacks that believed the wrong thing.

He doesn't use his race to get anything. I have never once heard him refer to doing anything as President for the black race. He has always said America. The People of the United States of America. Rev. Wright was not totally wrong about what he said. He just made the other side, the white racists afraid. Just as Farrahkan did years ago, white folks get skeered when the black folks starting getting loud. That is called the “Hit Dog Hollers Loudest Syndrome". He accused our government of unspeakable things. Ok, I know he got a little excited in some of the comments. Again, he wasn't totally wrong.

White America is split into several groups. There are the staunch old thinkers who were probably rooted in believing black folks have a place. They don't bother them and they don't won't to be bothered. They will die believing it their way.

Then you have the KKK/Skinhead/Nazi breed who think they are pure and all blacks deserve to be dead along with anyone who doesn't meet their warped criteria. They are getting bolder everyday. They have not gone away. They are only adapting new behaviors. You might be surprised how many there are and where they integrate themselves into.

Next we have the in between American who doesn't want to hate anyone, can associate with blacks and not really judge them too much. These folks have been raised around the old thinking but don't necessarily agree. They opt out of opinions for the most part so they don't have to choose.

Our next version is the loving liberal who believes in all of the best of America and wants everyone to be treated equally. These guys are the voice of the people. They have chosen to know about what the blacks have endured through the years and want to be a part of changes.

Then you have people that through exposure and access to black people on a living day to day and other life actions that bring them close together, don't see the color of someone's skin and love them as though there had never been any difference. They don't campaign to change, they just live the change.

Black people through many years have endured things that unknowing, white people could not believe could happen in America. It has only been 10 years since James Byrd was dragged behind a pickup truck in Jasper, Texas. He didn't do anything wrong. He was just black. Wrong place, Wrong time, white men put a rope around his neck and dragged him until his head came off. 10 years ago America. Yes racism is alive and well in America. You just half to really listen these days to hear the snide remarks or the undertones going around.

If you think it is not in the government, you once again could be wrong. It is from sea to shining sea.

Barack Obama is a light in the storm of redundancy and TRUE lack of concern in this election. He may not have on the job experience. If he did, he wouldn't be running. However in the list of havenots, He doesn't have tons of baggage to bring with him. He doesn't have a spouse with a history from hell. He doesn't switch sides with every political wind that blows. I would say that is quite a list of what he doesn't have. Thank Goodness! Can we really have change for a change?

What he does have is open eyes. He sees what has happened for way too long in Washington and around the country. He is an honest man. He is an extremely intelligent man. He is strong and he is capable of going the distance without fear. He knows where a large majority of Americans are and where we have been.

America should wake up and smell the disaster. John McCain wants more of George Bush. Can the country survive that? Hillary will never get anything done because all anyone wants to talk about with her is her past. She can't even campaign for the past kicking her all over the place. Her baggage and Bill's obvious trunk of tricks.

Does America truly want change? If the democrats are to be believed, they do. It can't be done with a controversy in the wings all of the time. Hillary whether democrat of what is OLD WASHINGTON. She is part of the same Good Ole Boy System that keeps this country in turmoil.

Change will only come when everyone in Washington is committed to doing what AMERICA needs to have done. Not their own agendas. Not their own ideas.

People are living in the streets because of the mortgage crisis. Having to choose between gas or food or healthcare every single day. Our infrastructure is crumbling before our eyes. Yet we are standing by and allowing the people who say they want to represent US, fight about the color of someone's skin or comments made by a man that had lived through the torment that blacks went through. He has been called a “nigger" more times that he can count. Would that make you angry?

I think we should be glad he is only yelling. He wasn't totally wrong and when Americans can see the truth of this country, they can see that if we do the right thing in this election, the past will disappear more and more rapidly. Rev Wright was only trying to open people to issues that others seem to want to put in the closet.

Change is what we want. Make the decision to participate with an open mind. Not with the race glasses on. I don't care if Barack is purple with yellow polka dots. The things in his heart and soul and his dedication to change is the only issues that matter.

I am white and I have 4 mixed grandchildren. I, like Barack's grandmother want my grandchildren to know BOTH sides of the story. To know your history is to be able to live in the future without repeating the mistakes of the past. Those are things we should be focusing on America. Don't you think?


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