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The Federal Reserve Bank - America's Biggest Unspoken Problem


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Indeed there are plenty of problems facing the United States of America today. Of course, there have always been problems and probably always will. It's the nature of things. There are lots of things one can do about problems. You could panic. You could consult with friends. You could write down a plan. You might have to take immediate action. Every problem is different. The one action that most agree is a bad idea is ignoring a problem. Even worse is to adapt behaviors that help the problem along.

The Federal Reserve is the one of the biggest problems facing America today and it is being ignored and in fact being made worse in many ways. Front runner Presidential candidates never mention those words and when someone does there is an uneasy feeling in the air, especially in debates. Of course, the only people who will dare say those words in a debate have been marginalized and in my humble opinion it seems like no coincidence.

People might ask, what does a federal government bank have to do with our nation's problems? For starters it is federal in name only. The Federal Reserve Bank is not part of our government. It is privately owned. It is an international bank with private owners. Well, you would think with a name like that it would be part of the government. Why would a name be chosen to disguise what they are? Precisely for the reason you would suspect. They didn't want people to know what they are all about.

Unfortunately people aren't generally concerned with how things work. They don't want to see the big picture or gain knowledge about the world in which they will live. It's this nature of many people that helped the Federal Reserve Bank do their thing.

To illustrate the point, here's a simple overview and how the problem might manifest itself in a real life example.

Throughout history the world has had banks, bankers and money lenders. People sometimes need money in the form of loans for various reasons. The general practice is that if you borrowed $1,000 you would have to pay it back over a specified time at a certain rate of interest which is agreed upon by both parties. Okay, nothing dangerous about that. Now imagine that a government needs money. The government has a war to fight and a clever banker agrees to lend a sum of money to that government. Of course, to lend such a large repayment of the loan must be guaranteed. So in return the government promises to guarantee the loan repayment in the form of taxes levied on its people. Not very smart or fair.

This type of banking relationship has been developed by international bankers for centuries. These banks become the nation's central bank. More or less, this means that a government may owe large sums of money to this central bank and the taxes must be taken from the people to pay it back. Not only that the central private bank controls how much money goes into circulation, thus dictating the worth of the currency. So, in essence, the more dollars that get printed unwisely the less the money is worth.

To clarify this point let's briefly use a current example. The federal government has just approved spending 1.4 billion dollars to give to Mexico. The money will be used to help secure Mexico's southern border from illegal immigrants crossing into Mexico (you read that right). The 1.4 billion dollars will be borrowed from a private internationally owned bank called the Federal Reserve Bank. The money will be printed out of thin air. As soon as the money goes out into the world the interest meter starts running, so to speak. Now keep in mind that the 1.4 billion and the interest for the money borrowed and spent are owed to a private international bank whereby the loan is guaranteed by the payment of your taxes.

So the government has decided to spend money we don't have on fixing the illegal immigration problem of another country. The printing of the money weakens our dollar. Further, the dollar is basically worthless because we are printing it out of thin air and it is backed by no real value like gold or silver (another problem caused by The Fed). To top it all off, you get to pay back the loan on this absurd government spending by taking a large chunk of money out of your paycheck, which is now worth less because we weakened the dollar borrowing and printing the money. Let's not forget, the government will take money you earned from your paycheck before you will be able. We have to pay the government first in the form of higher taxes because of a weakened dollar to pay for spending this money to correct a problem in Mexico? Oh, please be aware that the taxes collected by the Federal Reserve Bank's virtual collection agency, the IRS, goes to pay down just the interest on the money the government has borrowed from this privately held business - owned by a relative few international bankers. Many of these bankers are from a long line of baking families which hold sway over most of the major countries on this planet. It's kind of a scary thought don't you think? There is a lot of informal political power behind the purse strings of central banks of many nations.

If that's not enough, I will just point out quickly an uncanny coincidence. It states in the constitution that taxing income is unconstitutional. However, the 16th amendment was passed rather shadily, and according to some, illegally. It went through in a very shady manner three weeks before the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was passed in a very shady manner, as well. Remember the deal with the international central banks. They will happily be your nation's central bank as long as the loans are guaranteed by taxes. The timing and circumstances seem strange.

The Federal Reserve Bank is America's big problem. Handing over of this power to a small group of international banker's compromises our economic well being. It gives enormous control to a small group of people whose first interest is profit and power. These individuals are international in nature, not American, so their interests are not consistent with America or any other independent country. It could be said that they are the root of globalism. Nationalism gets in the way of their business interests. Some even seem to think these international banking empires represent the push for international / global law and taxes (i. e. carbon tax). You see, the problem goes much deeper. But don't take my word for it.

I will leave you with two quotes:

"If the American people ever allow private banks

to control the issue of their money,

first by inflation and then by deflation,

the banks and corporations that will

grow up around them (around the banks),

will deprive the people of their property

until their children will wake up homeless

on the continent their fathers conquered. "

- Thomas Jefferson

Founding Father, Patriot, American


"Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes the law. "

- Mayer Amschel Rothschild

Founder of the Rothschild family international banking empire

Article written by Richard Penney, contributor and columnist at The Black Sheep Report. It is a website where politics, pop culture and society as a whole are looked at through a unique lens. It offers a blend of analysis, commentary, opinion and biting humor. It's driving force is reason, independent thought and questioning accepted truths.


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