Why Reverand Sharpton Could Be President


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Now, I know just how weird this article is going to sound. But believe me, please, when I tell you that I am, to a point, well researched on this, independent of others. All this sentence will make sense in short span. Be patient.

Just for this article, please know that I think as many of you do about “UFO's" and “Aliens". I am no different. I have seen things in the sky that I cannot explain. I think it was, although both my grandchildren disagreed with me, two experimental personal helos. Or more accurately the “Jump" kind of flying “helo looking" aircraft. You would have to almost be an expert in aircraft to make the distinction. No matter. For this article is not about any of those!

I only want to prepare you for the real world! Yes, I mean, the world, this one, that you probably do not know the history of! I'm sorry? I said, you do not know the history of this country, this land of plenty, . . . . . . . . . not even close! As the man said that took many notes during the first Assembly of our Colonial Representatives said, “I will not provide you a copy, because I burned my notes!" Or something to that effect. The point being that if we, or our ancestors really, know just how close we came to not being a country, it would dishearten them! So, history is history, with a slant!

Slant to out-right lies! History is not only written by the “winner", it is written by those with no backbone, and lots of very sharp edges that need honing! Right! Those that want to grind away at their own philosophy, or world view, if you will. That is the reason, for example, that History, as it is taught in our public school-asylums, is not at all close to being accurate whenever it leaves the first discoverers off its own map!

Others have been here before Christo Colum, of course. Others that he know not of. Others that indeed left the “ten commandments" inscribed in Oakum upon a large rock. A rock now laced with eons of lichen. Can't do that in the open lab, boys! Others that had been here to erect a large stone upon three smaller stones, leaving us to think that such was a “fluke of nature", when in fact it is a religious icon! How weird you say? Not really.

A wonderful book, “Hidden in Plain Sight" is written by a woman who grew up in the appropriate science, with a father who was an expert in such. And she made a study, one not biased by Government doled out funded grants, in a system of abuse. She found Oakum writing in Oklahoma, and Texas. The one in Texas is wonder into itself. It says “Be quiet! Beware of the people in the Willows, they are fierce!" Now that is awesome to an old History buff!

Back to the subject. Not aliens, but more real, and more exact. Only there is a . . . how do I say this? A PERSON, all caps, and only this once. This person is looking for aliens. No “aliens", there that's better. “Aliens" from a distant star. Sure he is nuts! I reckon. I never have seen any, but then I AM exactly what he purports to be looking for! How weird is that!

Now to the point. A zillion years ago, Lizards, in this case, “Aliens" from somewhere (that's not important to me, is it to you?) came to the East Coast of America, only the East Coast was not, at the time, you see? Keep up, now! These “aliens", the “lizard aliens", interbred with the early day Native Americans (only we didn't name them that yet. They obviously thought they were to be called by other names. ) And these early Ameir-indians inter bred with the early migratory humans from Europe. Now you are beginning to see the light?

These “Hybreds" then interbred into other English, mainly, but also Spanish; Dutch; French; and Huganaughts, etc. (no Hugonauts are not named that because they came from the distant planet “Hugo"!) Now it seems that the next interesting tidbit, is that these “Hybreds" offspring, having become somewhat accustomed to high finance and political savvy, what with there high IQ and so on, powers you know? They became some of the most influential people, er, “Hybreds" in this country. And to this day, that very thing makes a big difference. How you ask? Great! Now on to the real crux of the article!

This madness is easily explained, but he explanation is itself quite amazing too! These early settlers intermarried with the Native Americans, yes. They, the very ones you know the name of, that have lived in early Virginia, and Tennessee, and moved to Alabama, Georgia, then on to Oklahoma (I. T. ), were not based upon “aliens", at least not from space! But aliens from England; Spain; the dutch, the Germanic, etc. This point is true. Now also, these men, one I remember in history, lived in a cave above Jamestown, married a Native woman, and all his children, and you are familiar with their names, (it is not German to the article here. ) were taught by him, and sent overseas to get educated! Yes! That is the big secret! They could all write, do higher math, speak French, Spanish, German, and even Latin! Also, later on, a man named Gotlieb Priber, if I am not mistaken, (my memory is more than short, it is almost gone!) and Christian was either his first name, or his sons first name? I forget, but that may not be as important to know as this, he was said to be a spy. He came to Jamestown, applied for a land grant, was granted land, but did not take it, due to the reason of his sudden departure! He went into the wilds, and there he met and married a lady that was Native American. All her sons have been Chiefs. But more importantly, they were Native Americans that could both speak languages, other than English and French, do higher math, and most important to our Hero, they could now trade on equal terms, since he taught them that the Colonists were cheating them! Thus the sudden infamy of Spy. When he was apprehended, he was kept in a prison, until his death. In prison he was compiling for and in the aide of a Priest, the Holy Bible, in Cherokee!

How is that possible? Seeing that that Language had not been “invented" as of yet! Well, dear friends! That is History. The History that you should have been taught instead of the history you were taught! Now on to Presidential powers!

These “Alien" “Lizard" types, who are not at all “Hybreds", but mere mortal men, I know of them you see, because I am one of them! They are known as Native Americans, yes. But also, Mullotto, or Melungeon. (that too is another story for another time!) These men, having married into a line, were down from the scuppers of life. Not the higher echelons of English Noblemen, but ex-prisoners of the Spanish, the Dutch, the English! They were part Dutch, Moor, African, and more bloods than you can name in five minutes thinking about it! These men, valued by the early settlers, who for the most part were ex-servants, not Noblemen as the firsts Jamestown settlers had been (excluding the tradesmen and John Smith), and they valued any neighbors! Any! Especially if they were married into a tribe, had contacts, and could behave in Society as gentlemen, but mainly, if they were all armed to the teeth! And were good shots too! A bonus.

Now these men, and their kind, survived the first two Native American Rebellions, and one or two English Rebellions, and came forth into the Colonial upheaval against England, having along the way, honed their skills against the French and the Spanish working for the English. There was a Bunch Spy! A Bunch Gurilla! Before Gruilla warfare was invented! He was a mean hombre! But back to our subject.

If you are descended from the male or female side of these families, and carry their names, then you can become President! Or you could become President, is more true. How do I know this? Because the “person" told me! That's right, I never see anything I can't learn from. And this guy, while on TV and making movies, spoke on this very subject, thus it made me look into and study it. This line, descending mainly from the English (Pict;Irish;Germanic “invaders" and intermarriages) are all in the Nobel, as in Queens line. And of course the Kings line, of England. They all have another thing in common. All the Presidents of the United States, without exception, have been from this line!

I am sure you learned that in the first three grades in public school. But if not, you also then can understand that, exactly as people handicap race horses, we can handicap the next Presidential hopefuls, and come up with a short list? So who is “out", and who is “in"? That takes us to names, and I am all too glad to supply you with some!

Rice; is in! McCain; is in! Reverend Sharpton; is in! Harem Scarum Hillary; is in! (she is a Rodham? thus qualified!) Ross Perot; out! And Guilliani; it depends! Upon his mum, and her line actually!

Oh, you are going to have plenty of fun here, right? Ain't cha’ glad you stuck around and read this article? I enjoy picking the “also rans", as well see who can stack up to the History!

Dan Bunch

Copyright 2006 Dan Bunch

Copyright by Dan Bunch
Dan Bunch, a Cherokee; Choctaw, and “Brass-Ankle" Melungeon, whose mother was a naturalized citizen born in Hong Kong. His father was born in Texas, a Cherokee-Melungeon, who served in the Army during WWII.

Dan Bunch grew up in Whitewright, Texas, where he played football, baseball, and boxing. He enlisted in the United States Navy Reserve while still a junior in high school.

He has had a multitude of experience in the business world. He has been in insurance, real estate, finance, and a builder of custom homes. He has always been a writer, and cartoonist. He attributes his interest in many subjects to his early career as a newspaper boy.

He married his high school sweetheart Gayle, with whom they have two children and five grandchildren.

Dan Bunch is a graduate of Grayson Co Jr. College, which he attended upon his return from Vietnam. He was a PO2'nd, crewmember aboard U. S. Navy River Patrol Boats, and is member of the DAV; and Veteran association.


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