The United Nations: Do We Really Need Them?


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The United Nations continues to try to take guns away from law abiding citizens. The United Nations is holding a “Small Arms" conference. The UN says it wants to restrict small arms to the citizens of the world. The conference is directed towards taking guns away freedom fighters and to regulate international ammunition. The National Rifle Association has been very vocal against the regulations the United Nations are trying to pass.

The United Nations Secretary, Koffi Annan said that the conference was not directed at taking away guns from law abiding citizens, but the conference and it's members stated otherwise. On day four of the conference the Swiss Small Arms Survey, an anti-gun think tank, released a book supporting international regulations on ammunition. The United States showed opposition to the anti-gun rhetoric. The United Nations continued to do their business by appointing three “facilitators" on finalizing a report for the UN. The facilitators were from Columbia, Japan, and Switzerland.

On day five of the meeting, the American anti-gun movement made some statements. Mary Leigh Blek of the “Million Mom March" spoke of anti-gun rhetoric to the United Nations delegates. Japan showed a tape of the destruction of their firearms. The UN planned on making these types of conferences periodically until the year 2012. The United States has told the United Nations that this is a waste of time and resources.

The United States doesn't plan on buckling down to the pressure from the UN. The second amendment guarantees the rights of law abiding citizens to hold and bear arms. The United Nations shouldn't have a say on what America does or how we run our country. We don't really need them. Gun legislation isn't the only thing the United Nations trys to bully America with. Time and time again, the United Nations feel that they know what's best for America and her citizens.

Every time an American pays a fee to a National Park, it goes to the United Nations. That's just wrong. We as Americans should keep our money where it belongs. It doesn't belong to a group of delegates who enjoy our way of living but pass laws to restrict the American way. The United States has an allegiance to it's citizens. The citizens of the United States have an allegiance to their country. We do not need anything from the UN. Write your Senator and Congressman and tell them, we as American citizens do not need laws restricting our freedoms from people who do not know what's best for us.

Jeffery S. Miller is the author of the Higgins Series. Miller is a former radio talk show host who dealt mainly with poltical issues. Feel free to drop by the author's site at .


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