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A Parents Perspective to Your Son Or Daughter Wanting to Become a United States Marine


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As parents it is within our nature to love, protect, cherish, and nourish our children from birth and beyond, through the thick and thin, parents are supposed to be there for their children no matter what!

When your child is born you're life changes forever! No longer is your life centered around you, yet now you have the responsibility of having another human being to care for, an extension of yourself that you helped create and bring into this world, so your instinctive nature takes over and you start to do everything any loving and caring parent would do. . . You start loving your children even before they're born.

The birth, the first interactions, the first steps, the first birthdays, the first day of school, their first baseball game, their first school play, their first day middle school, their first day of high school and before you know it. . . BANG! A 17 or 18 year old who has their own ideology about life.

To most parents this is where the rubber meets the road, this is where the crossroads take place. The moment for us occurred early in our sons life (15 yrs. old to be exact) when he came up to us and showed interest in becoming a United States Marine.

Our son saw a recruiter at his high school late in his freshman year and was very impressed by the whole make up of the recruiter and what he had to offer. At first I did not take him serious because at the still tender age of 15, or so I thought, he'd get a girlfriend, think about his buddies, get too tangled up in his studies, that the marines would wind up LAST on his to do list.

Not a chance. . . As he approached his senior year of high school he again mentioned joining the Marines, but this time I thought it was more of an attention getter, due to his odd ways of acquiring it, and his further interest in attending college and majoring in psychology.

Well, he did attend a semester of college, when one fall morning we got the “forgotten" call (or what we thought was forgotten)with the exact words. . . "Mom, Dad. . . I joined the United States Marines".

At first I was confused, and stunned as to why he would leave college to join the Marines. My wife and I were puzzled to say the least and very worried that he'd made the wrong decision, yet during the fury of emotions, we came to the conclusion that we must support his decision, and not be selfish in our own quest to still manage a degree of control over this young mans life.

I think this is where we parents go wrong. . . We still hold on to the yesteryears and still see our children as the 3 and 4 year olds who need our constant guidance when in fact it is us who really need theirs.

Anyway, I'm not going to get into parenting 101, or the psychological aspect of parenting, and so forth, yet I will say this. . . SUPPORT your child's decision in joining the Marine Corp, even if it does not sit well with you, and please look at how the positives outweigh, the mostly perceptive negatives.

The next step I took after hearing my son out, and coming to my senses about how this is what “He Wants" for his life not what his mother, and I think is best for him, is some online research.

With his ok I started surfing the net for everything Marine and came across a wonderful informative site detailing everything he could expect from USMC boot camp and how to approach it mentally and physically from someone who's been there and done it.

If your son or daughter are contemplating this life changing experience then you owe to them as well as yourself to CLICK HERE To Learn More !


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