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What are the types of defenses which a criminal defense attorney can use in order to defend you?

Lora Davis

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The strategies which are followed by the criminal defense lawyer are plenty. The types of defenses which are put forward in order to protect the clients are also plenty. Therefore, it can be a confusing task for the individuals to understand how the lawyer would actually protect them. We would today share with you some of the different types of defense’s which can be put forth by the criminal defense attorney.

1. Affirmative defense:

This defense is mounted on by showing that the evidence which is present with the prosecution is not true. In addition to that, the defense lawyer would be producing the evidence which shows his or her client to be true. In such a case, if the evidence of the defense lawyer are strong enough, the evidence of the prosecution would be refuted. This is one of the most common types of different strategies which are used by the criminal defense lawyer.

2. Insanity defense:

Even though, this type of defense is widely shown on televisions as well as movies but in reality, it is hardly ever used. In this type of defense, it is proven that the accused is actually insane and mentally unfit. Therefore, in most of the cases, the only treatment recommended by the court is that the accused does not have to go to jail. In some of the cases, 1st the treatment is recommended and thereafter, the lawsuit is continued.

3. Self-defense:

In case of an accident or in case of a dispute, self-defense is often used as a defense by the criminal defense lawyer. Under self-defense, an individual is allowed to injure someone fatally. However, in order for this defense to pass through, the very strong evidence is needed that the action was taken in self-defense. Only when there is such strong evidence, the court would actually admit.

4. Consent:

This type of defense is actually used in very rare cases. In such a type of defense, it is actually admitted by the accused that the action did take place. However, in order to defend that action, the defense lawyer would state that the victim actually approved of this action and gave consent to it. In most of the cases, this is just used in order to reduce the sentence which is pronounced by the judge.

The exact type of defense which is used in order to defend you would also be dependent on the type of case and what is the evidence which the prosecution has. Only when the strategy is built according to the evidence of the prosecution, it would be easier for your criminal defense attorney to defend you.

So, the next time around you hire a criminal defense lawyer , he or she is most likely to use this kind of criminal defenses in order to absolve you of the crime. In some of the cases, Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer can also use other strategies like duress in order to bail you out of the harsher judgments which are pronounced by the courts.


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