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What You Need to Ask When Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney in Denver

Bruce Markey

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The truth is no matter how well educated or smart you are the criminal justice system in Denver makes it virtually impossible for you to do a competent job representing yourself. Every criminal case is unique, and only an expert who is experienced in assessing the particulars involved with a criminal case and in dealing with the variables that come up in each case can provide the type of legal representation that every criminal defendant needs to have if justice is to be done. If you are looking at prison time or some serious penalties, you will want to have the best criminal defense attorney in Denver fighting for you. Here are a few questions to help you hire the best Denver criminal defense attorney.

For how many years has the attorney practiced in criminal law?

Your case is too important to be handed over to a lawyer who has less or no experience in the field of law. Criminal law is challenging and you only want to hire an attorney with relevant practice in this field of law. The experience of the criminal defense lawyer will help you judge how comfortable they will be with jury trials. When hiring a criminal defense attorney in Denver, you must not settle for one with less than 10 years of experience.

What percentage of the attorney’s practice is devoted to criminal cases?

While there are several attorneys in Denver who have been practicing both civil and criminal cases together for many years, it is left to you decide if you want a jack of all trades or master of one. If your case is severe, then you certainly need an out and out specialized criminal defense attorney in Denver. However, for less severe cases, you can settle with a lawyer who dedicates at least 70% of his cases to criminal law.

Are you discussing your case with the same attorney who is going to be representing you in court?

Most often, several law firms have you talk to the most experienced and reputed lawyers during your initial consultation. And after you hire them, the one you spoke to will no longer be around. They will hand over your case to a less-competent and inexperienced lawyer who is not aware of the nuances involved in your case. When hiring a criminal defense attorney in Denver, you must always ensure if you are speaking with the same lawyer who is going to be representing you and then hire them.

How much will the attorney charge?

This should be the last question you want to ask. If your prospective lawyer gives satisfactory answers to all the above questions, then discussing the price will not be a problem. You must not settle with a lawyer who quotes the cheapest, he might not be as competent. Also, you must not shell out an unreasonable sum. Determine the severity of your case and remember that you are risking your freedom and reputation with this case. Hire only the best lawyer who can get you out of your situation – after all, nothing is more precious than your life.

Use the above questions to hire the best Denver criminal defense attorney and assure yourself a qualified and competitive legal representative.

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