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Reasons Why Countless People Trust 2012 Doomsday

Leo Lin

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When most of the people are busy doing their last minute shopping for Christmas, meanwhile, a lot of people are worrying about the coming of Dec 21th 2012. So does the end of the world will happen just like Mayan prophecy goes?

How Many People Believe 2012 Maya Prophecy?
Tick, tick… When the clock turns to 11:11, many people believe that 11:12 will not come because the whole world will be destroyed quickly just the movie showed.
According to analytics, 14% of the people believe that December 21th 2012 is prophesied as the end of the world on Mayan's calendar. Google search shows that the phrase “Maya 2012" gets up to 700 million hits recently, and it becomes one of the most popular Google search just like Kvisoft digital magazine software.

Some Reasons Why People Believe 2012 Doomsday?
Though countless guys believe it is true, personally I don't think so. No matter the doomsday comes or not, hereof we will list some reasons with you to see why many people believe that Dec 21th will be the end of this world in this article:
1. Maya calendar 2012 prophecy: the very first statement about 2012 end of the world is originated from Maya calendar. Old Mayans calculated that the length of lunar month is 29.53059 days. This calendar predicts that the world will come to an end in a huge flood on December 21th 2012.
2. Astronomy sayings: galactic alignment means that the sun is between the earth and black hole on the centre position of Milky Way galaxy. It is believed that this galactic alignment will bring chaos to our earth. Others believe that sun storm and Atom smasher etc can also bring our world to an end in 2012.
3. Bible sayings: some people also got end day evidence from Bible. It is said that the date of Armageddon, final battle between Good and Evil, is in 2012, which may also bring the world to an end.
4. Disaster brings world to an end: other predictions about 2012 doomsday are related to disasters like huge volcano, earthquake, hurricane, flood etc. Many geologists predict that the Yellowstone, located in USA, is likely to erupt in 2012.

2012 Not the Doomsday but New Start of Your Business and Life
There are various sayings about 2012 end of the world, so do you really believe that the doomsday prophecy is true? Actually, the Maya calendar indicates a cycle ends and a new era comes. It is the end of 2012, and a jolly Christmas and brand-new 2013 is one the corner. This is a good start for our business and life.

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