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New campsites: from Wall Street to London


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The “Occupy Wall Street” movement is getting bigger and bigger, according to the latest news which report a widespread of consensus among middle and working classes that is also getting the support of high profile personalities.

“Occupy Wall Street” is defined by the promoters as a horizontal organised resistance movement which is using a similar tactic to the one employed during the “Arab Spring”, intended to bringing back democracy in the United States together with those values and ethics that some people, especially in the stock markets, seem to have forgotten long time ago. The initiative is based on people’s assembly, which is aimed at facilitating “collective decision making in an open, participatory and non-binding manner” (

The group of protesters aims at promoting more fairness among the US society, which sees rich people getting richer and average Americans poorer. After four weeks since it started, the protest is gaining large space in the media channels worldwide, and is widening its activity in other cities in America as well as overseas. Analysts and experts have started to speculate over who is behind the movement and financing this mass organisation of people. One of the first names circulating is George Soros, who is in the top 10 list of wealthiest Americans, but Soros himself and Adbusters, the anti-capitalist group which have started the initiative with a very original marketing campaign, have both denied.

New waves of protests are invading other parts of the US, from Chicago to L. A. , as well as other parts of the world. Protesters will also march into Europe’s financial capital, London, for the first demonstration taking place in the London Stock Exchange this weekend. Demonstrators will gather in St. Paul’s Cathedral on Saturday October 15th, and it seems that the number of people joining the initiative will be quite impressive, with already over 12 million ‘likes’ on the Occupy the London Stock Exchange Facebook page.

One of the main public concerns would also be how well police officers will be able to deal with the protest after the recent dramatic events that took place in London and in the rest of the UK, tagged as the “London Riots ”. The organisers are inviting people to bring tents, sleeping bags, warm clothes, food and water as well as energy and enthusiasm for an event that appears to be unpredictable in terms of length and mass participation.

We don’t know how long this march of protests will last and what real effects this can have on our society, but one thing seems already well clear: the power and effectiveness of the Internet, able to connect the whole world in a protest that have an unprecedented width and involvement. What is happening is not just a gathering of people who have decided to congregate in campsites in some spots of the world, but a way larger demonstration, both online and offline, that claims justice and expects more fairness, both economic and social, together with a clear and more accessible information from the media which does not have to be subordinate to anybody’s personal interests.


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