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The threat from Somali terrorists is not over yet


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Terrible news don’t seem to end in the Horn of Africa, where events are getting increasingly serious and tougher for Somali people, following the last of a series of terrorist attacks that took place in the country’s capital. Mogadishu has been the set of the bomb attack that took place on Tuesday, October 4th, which killed over 75 civilians and injured many more. Al-Shabaab, the Islamist movement linked to al Quaeda that holds great control over large parts of the country, has admitted to be responsible for the insane action, aimed at fighting the current Somali government, with the intention of bringing a stricter form of Islamic law (Sharia). The explosion has been caused by a truck that was carrying a large amount of explosive, which blew up in front of a government complex in the central part of the capital city, killing also a big number of young and innocent students.

The same fanatic movement, made up of some of the most dangerous terrorists, has declared that more attacks are about to happen as part of a broader plan that attempts to succeed in a coup d’etat that would force the departure of the current prime minister Abdiweli Mohamed Ali together with its coalition and the support of the western world, including the US and the UK. This attack is considered by many as the largest that has been registered in the last few years, taking place in one of the worst time for the country, in which a very large number of people (over 4 million) are suffering the political instability, the internal conflicts as well as the poor weather conditions that have forced them to move towards the capital city in search for some aid.

It is unknown whether this attack will be followed by others of its likes and whether the government will be able to fight back the extremist group’s conspiracy plans. It seems, however, that the Al-Shabaab movement is increasingly losing its power and influence over Somali people, with the latter blaming the movement itself for the famine that has hit the country.

As an effect of the terrorist attack, aid organisations are finding increasingly difficult to operate in the area, threaten by possible future bomb attacks. For this reason, PM Abdiweli Mohamed Ali urged aid workers not to leave the country after the blast and to increase their effort in an attempt to stop the starvation that hit especially those coming from the rebel-controlled southern and central parts of Somalia .

Media attention has also focused on other dramatic events taking place in Kenya, where the cases of kidnapping are increasing in number, forcing tourists to avoid these once-popular holiday destinations. Furthermore, in the past few months it has been recorded an increasing number of cargos carrying aid destined to Somali people which have been seized off the Somali coast by pirates. Anti piracy measure, in this sense, have started to be reconsidered in a more global context, benefiting from the cooperation of a large number of countries. There are quite a lot of issues to be solved, reason why cooperation happens to be of fundamental importance for the destiny of a country, Somalia, that deserve a far better future for its children.


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