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The top least talked about important issues


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The media has been playing tricks with the public lately, it is common to see major newspapers taking strong political sides and views while they are legally able to print and distribute those views and consequently brainwashing part of the population. Even though the freedom of speech and the amazing laws in which allow us to say and think whatever we want and makes us able to believe or not on whatever we see or hear, many of use do not have the capacity to read, understand and reflect opinions. This article is here to talk about a few issues in which most major newspapers do not even mention on daily headlines and at the same time and consuming peoples lives with danger and fear.

US troops are still there

I has been two years now that Obama surpassed big names such as McCain, Clinton and Giulliani on the 2008 US president election. He brought out terms in which most Americans loved it to hear. Change, change was practically the name of the campaign and it worked. Change in the educational system, change in health care, change in the economy and change in the military, firstly by bringing the troops back home. 2011 came by and the promise still rings over and over. It is true that soldiers came home and US attacks on Iraqi communities are not heard any more however can any journalist consider the war on Iraq over? Are there soldiers still stuck in the middle east? Questions as such confuse Americans and the world. Why are there still troops in Iraq?


We all know how well the Chinese economy is doing, we all that all we buy now a days, toys, clothes, electronics are made in China. We all also know that in a few years the Chinese economy will surpass the US and will become the richest country in world. Not frightening enough, China's population is the biggest in world, they are 1/6 of the world and power is liked in that country. The way Chinese companies are taking over Africa is not usually discussed in the news and only documentaries showed how alarming the issue is. Global Multinationals are also suffering the influence of China. A study exposed Nike, the clothing and sport watches manufactures, how affected it would become if China simply raised their cotton tax by 0.5%. The issue of China buying American debts is also something not told by major TV stations.

Maritime Security

Billions of dollars have been given to criminals on this issue. Hundreds of hostages and ships are being kept in the deeps of eastern Africa while authorities and the media pay almost no attention to the problem. Since Somalia became politically unreal, pirates have taken the name of the country and place it in a stereotype called “pirates”. The number of absurd and governments are still initiative to introduce any sort of anti piracy program in which would solve the issue. The only thing is that abroad security should be taken care by the free market right, except when the navy is harmed, of course.


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