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Barack Obama 2009 US Presidential Inauguration - Jamaican Witnessing World History Shift and Unfold

Angela Chen Shui

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From my vantage point here in Jamaica, I have been watching thousands of persons from all over the United States and the world streaming into the District of Columbia and the mall to witness history unfold.  

From 5:00am this morning CNN was showing groups of people walking into the mall.   This shifted quickly to pictures of larger groups of persons walking faster and faster to try to get into the public area before it filled up even more.

As Christiane Amanpour just said, the world is not just watching.   The world is completely invested in this inauguration because global citizens all feel that collective progress depends on today's handover of power.

Two million persons are expected to converge in the open, non-ticketed area prior to the swearing in ceremony.   Talking heads on the various cable networks wondered if that mark would be hit with the expected frigid weather but none of the bundled up persons streaming in and lining the area seem too bothered!

Around the world, global citizens list many issues that they feel the closest thing to a world President should begin to tackle from ‘Day One’.   Forty-six percent want to see world climate tackled and the Middle East, the economic turnaround rank amongst the highest on the world agenda list for President Barack Obama to tackle.

But today, all the world breathes deeply with thankfulness that this day is finally here.    We sat on the edge of our seats, quarrelled and argued and discussed the campaign talking points ceaselessly.    We wondered if our American sisters and brothers would represent our collective preference for the first world president that we so clearly recognised.

And we all breathed signs of relief on the night of November 4th and every day of the transition between then and today.

Finally, we are here.   Today is the day of joyous release and entrance into a whole new world paradigm of collectively living and playing better together.   The road is rocky ahead and will be long and filled with momentous challenges, upheaval and transformation.

But today we celebrate our collective co-creation as global soul mates determined to create more love, peace, abundance, respect and well-being for all.   Today, we begin the process of healing and recreating the world to fit the picture of heaven on Earth for all as soon as is possible.

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With love and blessings from Angela Chen Shui, “the Soul Alignment Coach".

Copyright 2008 - Angela Chen Shui. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.


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