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World Peace Issues - President Barack Obama Heralds Global Spiritual Renewal and Social Wellness

Angela Chen Shui

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Awaiting the arrival of the main participants for today's US Presidential Inauguration of Barack Obama, the world celebrates renewal and hope for increased global wellness, abundance and peace.

Hundreds of thousands of US and world citizens are now crowded into the vast space between the Capitol, the White House and the Lincoln Memorial.    Individuals and small groups of people started streaming in from as early as 3:00 this morning.

By minutes after 5:00am slightly larger groups strolled in.    At 6:30am, the pace had already picked up and individuals and whole groups of persons were walking faster, determined to get as close to the front of the non-ticketed area as they could.

Whole groups have been dancing and singing and chanting pro-Obama songs and phrases.    Impromptu friendships continue to spring up as everyone tries to stay warm.   Many are telephoning and sending pictures of the phenomenal scene unfolding to their loved ones and friends who were unable to attend.

By 10:20am most of the ticketed areas are full and the US Chief Justices are assembling.   There is a vast sea of humanity stretching as far as the eyes can sea awaiting the arrival of those who will represent a peaceful, age-old transfer of power from one set of leaders to another.

The atmosphere, energy and excitement of the huge crowd of hundreds of thousands of people representing millions more across the planet embodies the hope and investment that all have for life to work better on the planet.

As Americans and many persons from around the world join together in Washington and at Inaugural watch parties to witness and celebrate throughout the day, others participate from a distance via television and the internet.    World citizens like myself join in spirit in this new moment of renewal that precedes years and decades of rebuilding and reorganisation.

As we brace for all the work ahead, we revel in this new beginning,  in today's pause between the old and the new.     We join hands physically, virtually and etherically with each other.

We all support President Barack Obama, all American and international leaders and peoples as we collectively co-create, heal and balance our world as soul mates joined in common purpose.  

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With love and blessings from Angela Chen Shui, “the Soul Alignment Coach".

Copyright 2008 - Angela Chen Shui. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.


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Spiritual - How to Find Peace in a World of Why?
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