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Social Wellness and World Peace Issues - President Barack Obama - Spiritual Meanings of Numbers Pt 1

Angela Chen Shui

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Caught up in all the issues of the US primary and presidential campaigns, I missed one important element in the entire karmic set-up of this specific election.   The position sought was the job of being the 44th President of the United States, emphasis for this article being the forty-fourth.

What is so important with being the forty-fourth President?

It turns out that there are several points to consider about America and its place in the world at this time in history from the point of view of the spiritual significance of numbers.

I will leave the discussion of Barack Obama being the reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln to another article but firstly, forty-four breaks down to the single digit eight when both numbers are added.

Theory and Application of the Spiritual Meaning of Numbers - Eight

Eight is the number of heavy karma.   If you are born on the eighth day of the month or your given or preferred name that you use daily reduces to eight, it means that you have extremely important work to do that needs to move forward now.  

This is because previous Soul work remained undone and there is now an extra burden of issues to work through and solve in the given time frame.   The extra karmic eight vibration helps to ensure that the Soul work to be done in that particular time is in fact accomplished.

With the sweeping electoral victory and the intense, joyful reaction around the world to the election of Barack Obama, it may be fair to say that the majority of American and global citizens feel that Barack Obama has received a critically urgent mandate to manifest the change that was the theme of his campaign.

His supporters may also argue that these issues have become even more critical because of the lack of progress made on them in preceding presidencies.

Change, massive doses of it, to transform important issues that deal with social wellness on the economic, health, educational, regulatory, international and other levels are promised, expected and will be the main criteria upon which the performance of the presidency of Barack Obama will be judged by.

Spiritual Significance of Numbers For Barack Obama Presidency Conclusion

Forty-four, reduced to the number eight, signifying heavy issues, not previously dealt with adequately, that must now be urgently addressed.    The destiny of America's place in the world as a leader in the creation of global progress, harmony, worldwide economic, social, educational and political freedom, justice and peace is at stake.

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