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The Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia is an inter-governmental organization with a Permanent Delegation to the United Nations. As the second largest international organization after the United Nations, it has the power to rule the world.

It coadjutes 57 nations, most of which are Islamic in the Middle East, North, West and Southern Africa, Central Asia, Europe, Southeast Asia, South Asia and South America. The OIC politely keeps its power from the spotlight.

Like the UN, the OIC has trouble enforcing its resolutions. It has substantial legislative powers, but no executive or judicial power. This form dooms it to dependence on committees supported by the members, but who are not obligated by law. The most the OIC can do is politely ask them to do something.

The OIC does not have any armed forces of its own. None of its committees are designed to control, support or operate military of any kind. However, they may be capable of creating that structure, but they are still dependent on loyal member states to protect them.

The different organizations within the OIC are powerful on paper, but weak on foot. In order to execute all its powers, it would have to force strong members to obey until they were comfortable with the loss of control.

The exceptions would be countries that already had weak governments, and found it easier to delegate powers to higher government.

The OIC does this because it needs to stay diplomatic. For now, it stays dependent on its member governments. It doesn't want to scare anyone off by unsheathing its sword.

Over the years, committees overseen by the annual and tri-annual conferences have build institutions to work towards idealistic dreams. Their universities have risen in prestige. Research and training centers for culture, economy, technology, and education have preserved the antiquity of the member states while helping them develop. The OIC also supports an Islamic Development Bank, Solidarity Fund and Broadcasting & News Agency

The idealistic dreams of the OIC are: eliminate racial prejudice; eradicate colonialism; safeguard the Holy Land; support international peace, the Palestinians and all Muslim people with a view to preserving their dignity, independence and national rights.

In 2006, OIC made an interesting move. They joined the UN in a cooperation agreement. Causes that seek the support of either get support from both. The OIC now has most of the nations in the world supporting it without admitting them all, and the UN has the support of the OIC.

The importance of this is not seen or written. What makes the OIC so strong is it has a strong religious purpose that refutes reason, and it has the support of OPEC.

In the Islamic world, different classes are in different sects of Islam The ruling class including all the heads of state is in the highest. These are the people with primary control of the OIC. Their dream of a peaceful world where the correct image of Islam is always projected, prejudices are eliminated, and Muslims are always supported and protected is a call from Allah. Trying to convince them that any other opinion is correct is futile. Reason can never refute revelation.

OPEC stands for the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries It was founded in 1960, and it's current members are:Algeria, Angola, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Nigeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Venezuela. Behold the wealth, brains and brawn of the OIC.

And why is that? You already know the answer. OIL. Oil is the currency of power right now, and since OPEC is the source of it and the heart of OIC, the OIC has the monopoly over power of the world since its creation.

Someone is probably making the argument that the US isn't dependent on oil. It has its own reserves; it have alternative energy sources. so why is everyone there still paying $3.10 a gallon for gasoline? Because that person knows it will take decades of hard work to switch completely over to self reliant energy. The United States prefers to take the easier drive to give the OIC power and be slapped with dependence.

President Bush was pretty smart to invade Iraq directly. It would have been easier to just launch missiles from Saudi Arabia, our ally. Why didn't he? Because by invading Iraq, he hits the bulls-eye of world power that he's trying to claim for the United States to stop his country from declining. He can target almost any other country in OPEC or the OIC from Iraq. The outer circles are marked by the boundaries of OPEC and OIC. This bulls-eye controls the entire world by alliance, submission or trade dependence.

The world knows the super-populated countries of Russia, China, India and Indonesia as the producer nations of the world. All four are observer states in the OIC. The US hasn't wised up yet. Observer states have the right to attend, comment, and give suggestions-everything but the power to vote on decisions. Is it too far-fetched to assume that some of the OIC policies are made to respect the opinions of the world producers that respectfully attend conferences? The observers are watchdogs, but only watchdogs on a chain. Because after all, even if the OIC does something they don't like, how would they manage without oil? Even the producer nations have become snapping Dobermans without teeth.


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