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Global Food Crisis Are the Chocolate and the Cocoa Processing Industries Up to the Challenge?


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The global food scare has been a reality to Africans for as long as we can remember. But the rich countries are just beginning to feel the pinch. They'll be begging for food someday if they do nothing but talk about it. It is not a matter of survival by the fittest nor a case of winner takes it all but we are now seeing the ‘real situation': global food solution is in the hands of the Asian and African continents.

This is not a new thing as these continents have always been the mother as well as sacrificial lamb which makes the golden fleece for Europe and America. But this time its going to be the emerging economies who calls the shots.

As for the chocolate and cocoa processing industries the global food crisis will simply serve as a boom and a blessing for businesses. Since it is true that cocoa production is confined to areas within the tropics and thus is restricted and always scarce in supply despite recent increase in supplies of finished and unfinished cocoa products in the global market there is still much to speculate in this industry following the alert about food scarcity the world over. As a prospecting investor from an important cocoa producing region- Ikom in Cross River State of Nigeria in West Africa- I am elated about this welcome development and will be doing all I know how to take the cocoa industry a step or two higher before the world(which is right now as unprepared as always for a global catastrophe) is hit between the eyes by the looming food crisis.

Anyone who cares to read this piece and would like a piece of the action in the emerging economy that will save the world someday, particularly in the chocolate and cocoa processing industry can reach us by the following e-mail:

Egwoli's Research Center


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