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Technology The Key to Alleviate World Poverty


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Modern age brought out solution to a lot of human problems. Science and technology have become part and parcel of everyday life. Technology is being used to help resolve the dangling and perplexed issues of the humanity. Modern invention and tools are being used to facilitate the life. Technological advancement has helped man eradicating poverty.

People were optimistic that technology would become the answer to all human tribulations, mainly those related with poverty. He was also hopeful that travel to space and the nuclear energy would resolve all the problems. Due to this false notion man wasted and over consumed the natural resources in the name of fast economic growth and social development. At once he has come to know that advancement in technology had deprived him of the clean water, fresh air and healthy atmosphere. Pollution led to global warming, food crises and poverty. Poverty has become a serious concern of the modern times.

In spite of the technical advancement, the developing as well as the advanced nation is wanting in commodities of life. The worst preys are the developing nations. The developing nations followed west blindly and spoiled their economies as well as atmosphere. This technology was hardly suitable to the circumstances of people in developing nations. Technology without necessary infrastructure and skills is nothing other than wastage of resources. It does not help to overcome poverty.

Technology is helpful only when it does not harm the local culture, society and skills. Such technology is called appropriate technology. Only this kind of technology is helpful in eradicating poverty. Only appropriate technology is the solution to the problem of poverty.
Circumstances specific technology

It took a lot of time to reach the conclusion that only appropriate technology is the suitable way to overcome the problems of daily life. Use of technology according to the local circumstances is a new phenomenon and is helping a lot in the war against poverty and food crises.

The acclimatization of technology is the only way to solve the manifold problems of the poor nations. Expertise intended to be appropriate to the requirements and means of a specific community is the only way to eradicate poverty. It utilizes native ability and means that are appropriate to the local circumstances. It does not damage the atmosphere and assists man to overcome the multitude of problems.

Appropriate technology is only way to resolve the present day issues related to poverty. Technology is related to all aspects of life. It has reached its zenith in advancement. This advancement can become helpful if we use the technical expertise according to our local circumstances. Small scale technical projects providing energy and power are the basis of the all programs related to poverty eradication.

People and states should take advantage of technical advancements mainly in sectors of energy, communications, and information technology to give power to the poor and gain fiscal development. Information and communication technologies are basic elements of the universal production, business, investment and capital flow. Incorporation of these technologies into poverty reduction programs is necessary.

Technology that supports Local growth, employment and local enterprise is in fact real technology.

It reinforces local economic progress and involvement of community in the development projects. Technology with its roots in customary skills and resources is the only way to get self-reliance and get rid of poverty.

In the end we can say that use of internet to gain access to the development projects and keeping touch with the world markets is also an important technology to decrease poverty. It can coordinate all the efforts made in this connection and can help in achieving the success.

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