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Why Abrasive Blasting Before Coating Surfaces Is Important

Edmund Brunetti

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Using some form of abrasive blasting in Melbourne is a very common practice in various industries. When cleaning surfaces of different materials, such as metal, plastic, glass or wood, blasting those surfaces before adding a new layer of coating is so vital.

It is the best way to ensure that a surface is ready for a new coating that will make it look new.

Understanding Abrasive Blasting

Unlike sandblasting, the concept of abrasive or dustless blasting is to ensure that objects and surfaces can be cleaned with minimal disruption. There is no mess that results in sand and other residue thrown around a room, because the abrasive is mixed with water before it is blasted onto the surface or object.

The idea is to ensure that any dirt, debris, rust and other coatings can be removed before a new layer is put on. And this can be done for machinery, floors, countertops, walls and other surfaces. Say there is a layer of paint and other items that must come off a surface before a new coating. Dustless blasting can get the job done efficiently.

It can also be used on machines. It is why the requests for equipment cleaning in Melbourne have gone up a lot in the past few years. Many factories and similar industrial operations are beginning to realise that some dustless blasting is exactly what the machines need so they can be renewed.

No Chemical Reactions

Since abrasive blasting ensures that a natural abrasive is used with water, there is no danger of a chemical reaction with the surface that is being cleaned. It is a proper cleaning that is not going to damage the surface in the way that sandblasting can sometimes do.

Another advantage to abrasive blasting for Melbourne businesses is that all the heat that is generated during sandblasting can be avoided. This means there is no possibility of warping the surface at the spots where it is being blasted. Many businesses were badly harmed by the fact that sandless blasting would damage their surfaces, which means they had to go and get them replaced. This does not happen with dustless blasting.

Efficient and Eco-Friendly Process

Dustless blasting is an efficient and an eco-friendly process that will ensure that appliances, large machines and surfaces are prepared for a new coat of paint. It is also great for cleaning machines that are just looking a little old and worn out.

It is an efficient process as it does not result in dust getting everywhere. Businesses can have their crew working in a room as soon as dustless blasting is done. With sandblasting, the rooms had to be cordoned off for days.

It is also a more eco-friendly process compared to other methods. The abrasive that is used by the best companies is natural, while no greenhouse gases are emitted during the process.

When it comes to equipment cleaning for Melbourne businesses or preparing surfaces to be repainted, abrasive blasting is a quick and affordable option.

For more information about abrasive blasting and equipment cleaning in Melbourne please check out these links.


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