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All about Insulated Wall Panels

Narender Kumar

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What Are Insulated Wall Panels?

Insulated wall panels are the building material of the present century. These are high-performance building systems that are used in both commercial and residential construction. These panels have a presence of insulating foam which is sandwiched between 2 structural facings. They are generally made in factory controlled conditions and can be easily fabricated as per design of your building. This results in the development of solid, energy efficient and cost effective walls.

Benefits for Residents

• Faster construction of home or office.

• Reduction in labor cost in comparison to traditional frames.

• Reduced energy bills by 50 to 60 percent.

• Construction is less noisy than traditional framing.

Benefit for builders

• Reduced construction time by 2 or 3 times.

• A requirement of less supervision.

• Lack of any special tools and equipment.

• Cost estimation is simple and accurate.

Benefits for Architects

• Inputs can be given at early stages (panel selection, building design).

• Allows for increased creative freedom.

• Ease in terms of creating CAD drawings.

• Easy remodeling of buildings with traditional framing.

Are insulated wall panels expensive?

Building insulated wall panels costs the same if you use a wooden frame but the real saving lies in less labor and reduced construction time. There are also other savings such as less heating and cooling systems required in construction by use of these panels.

Disadvantages of Insulated wall panels

• If these panels are made from plywood or Oriented Strand Board (OSB) then these do not have good fire performance. This can put the residents at a high risk of burns in cases where surrounding drywall is not good. Hence check with the designer and architect as to which material is being used to construct the panels.

• The insulated panels made with OSB or plywood is subjected to moisture issues that can give rise to molds and rot. The solution here is to use panels with waterproof surfaces (fiber cement siding).

• It is quite costly to bring modification in an already designed insulated wall panel . Hence any change in design should be done before construction begins in the factory.


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