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With the recovery from slow down, the construction industry is experiencing an upward trend. Power construction projects in recent times have been the main stay of this upward trend. This due to upgradation of old power houses and building of new ones. This trend is going to continue for several years as per the industry projections.

There is a paradign shift that is taking place in overall construction activity. Besides above, there is a considerable movement as far as commercial and residential construction is concerned. The change in attitude, thanks to environment conciousness goes along side by side with greening. The induction of new technologies and building techniques all have brought about a change as to how we build.

In order to safegaurd public interest, reduce risk and make construction more efficient and evironment friendly new codes are being implemented. Not only do the codes amplify the use of natural light in order to reduce power load but they also enhance ventilation and improve structural strength.

In US, the codes accord high degree to safety in daily usage but also protect citizens from extreme natural disasters. During hurricanes extensive damage was done to the roofs. This was due to the use of gravel and rock ballast. Hence the use of these materials was restricted. Wind resistance, a crucial factor during the hurricane was increased during the construction of residential and commercial buildings.

Albeit there are no such thing as green codes, but they do exist as amalgamation of various codes. These are minimum structural requirements that are active in protection from fire, natural disasters and other contingencies.

An endeavour to build more sustainable projects has been an ongoing process since many years. The usage of natural light, reduction in green house gas emissions, water saving, air quality improvement and enhance living in urban surroudnings are the mainstay of the newer techniques.

The green building concept received a greater impetus with the advent of USGBC or United State Green Building Council. The body implemented the Green Building Rating System called LEED or Leadership in Energy and Building Design.

Uday writes on general contractors in NY hence the article. He writes passionately about construction and emerging technologies in USA. Uday writes on many topics related to building industry.


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