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Why should you become more environmentally friendly?


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Why should you become more environmentally friendly?

Most people see this view as selfish, but a lot of the time it is important to ask “what’s in it for me?” Saving the planet through a more eco-friendly lifestyle is extremely important, but with the limited time many of us have, we are entitled to ask what we stand to gain from this. So, in addition to the obvious point that we will benefit from a healthier planet and less pollution, let’s take a look at some of the best personal reasons for helping our precious planet.

It can improve your health and fitness

One of the best ways to reduce your strain on the planet is to use your car less frequently, yet many perceive this as an inconvenience to them. However this could offer a number of benefits, namely improving your health. Walking or cycling as opposed to driving or taking public transport will eliminate harmful emissions and will simultaneously make you more fit and active. Still not sold on the idea? Take a minute to calculate the amount that you would save on petrol each journey!

You could raise some additional funds

Recycling is one of the most effective and time efficient methods of saving the planet, especially since many local councils have introduced free recycling bins and collections. The reason that recycling is so eco-friendly? It means the use of fewer raw materials and fewer emissions as a result of reduced transportation. But there are ways that you can use recycling to generate some extra cash, such as selling unwanted items on eBay or at a boot sale. You could also sell parts of any defective electrical equipment, as many components will often remain fully functional.

It will help lower your energy bills

A great way of reducing your harmful effects on the environment is to begin using energy more efficiently, which will also see your energy bills fall! The first step should be an energy audit, as this will help you to identify exactly where you are wasting energy. The best rooms to start with are the bathroom, kitchen and the room that holds the majority of your electronics. Alternatively you can install Smart Monitoring technology that improves your energy efficiency, informing you of the cost of running each electrical appliance.

The feel good factor

Selfless acts always make you feel happier and aiding the state of our planet is an extremely worthy cause! Just try being more environmentally friendly for a week and I’m sure you’ll feel satisfied come the end of it.


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