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Elimination of Environment Pollution is necessary


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Environment pollution is biggest problem in world. Elimination of environment pollution is most necessary for new generation.

Nature is our mother. She offers us all facilities to lead a comfortable and peaceful life. She brings us rain. She feeds the human beings who are her children. The plants, trees, bushes and the grains we grow all belong to nature. Yes man is not grateful to nature. He pollutes the surroundings and brings destruction of himself. Important thing is that, man knows this but he never takes care.

Environment pollution may be of three kinds. They are air pollution, water pollution and noise pollution. Air pollution is caused by factories which emit smokes and fumes. They mix with the pure air and pollute it. Air pollution is also caused by fumes from the exhaust pipes of vehicles and air-conditioners. It is also caused by all kinds of refuse such as dust bin refuse, lavatory refuse and washing up refuse. When we breathe the polluted air, our lungs are affected by diseases.

Water pollution is contaminating water sources. Factory wastes and gutter water are allowed to flow into rivers. These are also collected in ponds. They pollute the surroundings. Contaminated water causes many diseases. Cholera is the first among them. Stagnant water breeds mosquitoes. It results in malaria. This type water is also harmful for animals including cows. Cow provides us milk and all milk foods.

Noise pollution is caused by vehicles and their horn. Some factories also disturb the peaceful atmosphere around. Loud speakers and music systems are the worst pollutants in this regard. They spoil the entire atmosphere.

Man cuts and fells trees without any limit. This causes imbalance of the surface of the earth. The result is lack of rain and soil erosion. Trees are most helpful to decrease air pollution. We get oxygen from trees. Trees are also helpful to provide us rain. We must protect trees. Let us keep our surroundings clean and lead a healthy and happy life.

Contamination is biggest problem. If we don't eliminate it then we lost nature. Without nature man doesn't survive. Means we need to eliminate all kind of pollutions and we need to save trees and nature. Each and every thing attach with nature. It starts with daily need of milk, newspaper and electricity. When we are talking about daily feed then it also comes from nature either from plants or from animals. Due to these all reasons, eliminate pollution and saving trees are more essential to survive new generation.

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