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Easy Ways to Go Green at Home

Tracey A Edwards

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Did you know that there are many easy ways that you can go green at home? Going green or becoming environmentally aware is fast becoming not only the right choice to make for our planet, it can also be fun. And the satisfaction you get from knowing that you are reducing your carbon footprint on our earth is immense. Here are some tips on how you can become more eco-friendly at home.

Indoor plants are green

And not only in color! Many plants are very beneficial for removing indoor air pollutants that can be emitted by computers, televisions and even general furniture. They remove the toxins like formaldehyde and benzene that you would normally be breathing in. The best house indoor plants to go green at home are English ivy, Golden porthos and peace lilies (which are also very hardy).

Check your temperature

No you aren't sick, I meant the temperature of your fridge and freezer. These appliances are the worst at eating up the electricity so if you want to make them more eco-friendly then adjust their thermostats to 0°F for your freezer and 37°F for your fridge.

Go low flow

Water has now become one of our most precious resources so it makes sense to reduce our usage wherever possible. One of my favorite ways to do that is by installing a water-efficient low-flow showerhead. A regular sized family of four is able to cut their water usage by nearly 300 gallons a month without noticing a difference in pressure.

Light Savings

Compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL's) will help you lower your electricity bill and they don't impact the environment as much as regular bulbs so they are a great way to go green at home. All good hardware and most home stores now stock CFL's. While they'll cost you a little more upfront, because they last 10 times longer than regular bulbs you'll make more than the cost back over the long term.

These easy ideas are just some of the ways that you can go green at home, and because you'll also be saving money you'll be improving the environment and your bank balance.

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